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There must be a daughter in this life, what’s the reason just look at these pictures

It is not natural that mothers often say to each other that ”this life must have a daughter”. The reason is because the girl is not only docile and gentle, but also wears beautiful and gorgeous costumes like a princess.

Ms. Hong Tuoi (30 years old, living in Kien Giang) is also fortunate to have 2 daughters, Lan Thao and Lan Phuong. Every baby is so cute and adorable. The two girls have oval faces, big eyes and plump pink cheeks. Each child has a unique look, but they are all extremely beautiful and graceful.

The beautiful first daughter of Ms. Tuoi.

The second baby is also very cute, possessing many doll-like features.

Sharing about her two daughters, Ms. Tuoi confided: ”The children at home are all very obedient and listen to their parents. As a girl, they are also a bit lazy, but the important thing is that I understand the story and the two sisters love each other very much.”

Talking about the costumes for her children, Ms. Tuoi said that every time she wants her children to wear something, she always asks the children’s opinions, if the children agree, the mother will buy them. This is how I respect the individual interests of the child and let him be independent from an early age.

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The divine angle of the youngest girl.

”My children can wear both gentle and personal clothes, but my favorite is the princess dress. Actually, it costs a bit, but as long as the children are happy and wear clothes that suit themselves, I completely agree. Having 2 beautiful daughters is what makes me extremely happy. Right now, I just want my children to grow up healthy, obedient children, and listen to their parents. As for the child’s future, later on, he will choose for himself.

It’s heartbreaking to look at!

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She looks like a doll.

During the pregnancy of the children, I stole the soul without too much effort. Especially with the care and help of her husband, everything becomes lighter. I want to send a message to mothers to love their children no matter what their appearance is because children are unique and their parents’ pride alone.the mother of 2 children confided.

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Super pretty beauty of a mother of 2 children.

Not only has 2 beautiful children, Hong Tuoi diaper mother also has a beauty that makes many people admire. At the age of 30 and a mother of 2 children, everyone praises that Tuoi is young, if you look outside, you certainly don’t think that she has 2 children. Sharing about how to maintain her body shape and beauty, the young mother confided that perhaps because of her body, her figure remained the same as in her spare time and the weight lost itself after giving birth.

”Due to taking care of both babies, I’m naturally thin, but I don’t have much time for exercise. It is also partly due to playing and playing with children every day, feeling always younger because of their lovely games. People often make fun of us as 3 sisters and not 3 mother and daughter.a mother of two children. don’t worry about me -20220421145159088.chn

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