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Trieu Vy’s “pet chicken” reappears after being locked away, accusing the co-star of taking advantage of his name

In mid-2021, the China Association of Performing Arts announced the disciplinary action of Zhang Zhe Han for the actor’s inappropriate behavior in the past when visiting a temple sensitive to Chinese people. .

After a long time in hiding, recently, the male star suddenly posted a handwritten letter online accusing the actor of having worked together in a movie. Son Ha Lenh is Cung Tuan taking advantage of his name to “float”.

Truong Triet Han said that since June 2021, after the end of cooperation, the two sides have completely cut off contact. But also in August of last year, the opponent repeatedly pulled Truong Triet Han’s name to promote himself.

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Truong Triet Han and Cung Tuan in Son Ha Lenh. (Image:

Besides, Truong Triet Han thanked his fans and friends for always being with him during the stormy times. Before that, the disappearance of all films with Truong Triet Han had a significant influence on his colleagues who had worked with him, such as Cung Tuan, Cuc Tinh Y… In the case of Cung Tuan, Son Ha Lenh as a “launching pad” to help him become more known to the public and expand his career. And Cuc Tinh Y also attracted a large number of fans thanks to the fever of Van Xi Story and Like the Italian way.

According to 163, Chinese music listening and downloading platforms such as Netease Cloud Music, QQ Music… also let Truong Triet Han’s songs “pass into the past”. Good account or keyword about movie star Son Ha Lenh on social networks, e-commerce sites… also no longer exist. On page Douban and Baidu, information about Truong Triet Han is empty. On video viewing platforms in China, there are only clips of the sensitive socio-political scandal of the Chinese-language star 9X.

Truong Triet Han is a rising actor in the Chinese language film village. He joined showbiz in 2010. At the beginning of filming, the owner “hit” Swing Mainly featured in the works of screenwriter Vu Chinh such as The palace radiates glamor, The palace radiates the inter-city, Crafting beauties, selling love in the city, Trieu ca… Later, he attracted attention when he appeared in Lang Gia table, Van Tich Truyen, Nhu Y Phuong Phi…

After more than 10 years of rolling, Truong Triet Han’s career is more prosperous thanks to the success of Son Ha Lenha film adaptation of a passion novel Thien chews customers.

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