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Urgent warning to millions of Windows 10 users

Millions of Windows 10 users received warnings after fake updates appeared that could infect their computers with ransomware.

According to The Sunransomware named Magniber has been detected targeting millions of users across the country world appears as a regular security update of Windows 10. Many users have reported problems with BleepingComputer, said their computer was infected with a virus after installing what they believe is a security or cumulative update for Windows 10.

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Windows 10 became the target of Magniber ransomware


Although the virus can be distributed under different names but Win10.0_System_Upgrade_Software.msi and Security_Upgrade_Software_Win10.0.msi seems to be the most popular. Data-driven, distribution campaign ransomware started on 8/4. After installing ransomware on your computer, it deletes hidden drive copies and encrypts files.

Magniber also creates a ransom note called README.html in each folder with instructions on how to make payments through the Magniber Tor payment website. It is titled “My Decryptor” and allows users to decrypt a file for free, then contact “support” before receiving the ransom.

The report says the majority of ransom requests will be $2,500, or 0.068 bitcoin. At the same time, the content says this attack campaign targets mainly students’ Windows 10 computers instead of large companies, meaning many victims may not be able to pay the ransom.

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