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Will Kieu Phong, Hu Truc, and Doan Du join forces to defeat Vo Danh god?

In Thien Long Bat Bo, besides Kieu Phong, Hu Truc and Doan Du, Vo Danh Than Tu is also a character that makes a strong impression on fans of this work. According to the description of writer Kim Dung, Kieu Phong has strength and strong martial arts like a Chien Than, Doan Du and Hu Truc have profound internal skills but poor fighting skills.

As for the nameless monk, although he only appeared for a short time, by defeating many martial arts masters, he proved that he was the first master in the Thien Long Bat Bo. Therefore, many people have questioned that if Kieu Phong, Xu Truc and Doan Du all join forces, they can defeat Vo Danh god monk?

Strength of 3 brothers Kieu Phong

First, let’s consider Kieu Phong’s strength. Kieu Phong is one of the great heroes with the strongest martial arts in the Thien Long Bat Bo. Kieu Phong has a natural talent for martial arts, has a strong body and is famous for the martial art of Hang Long and Ten Eight Palms. He was the only one who used Hang Long and Ten Eight Palms to the point of launching the Divine Speed ​​move, with a mighty wind that shot up to 10 zhang, the force of which was like a tsunami that scared many contemporary masters.

The martial arts that Kieu Phong performs have achieved extremely high power, even ordinary ordinary moves can also promote strength. When he met opponents with more profound internal attacks, more transformative moves at the moment of life and death, with just one move, half consciousness turned the situation around, making the opponent defeated, but had to submit to him, dress code.

Can Kieu Phong, Huu Truc, and Doan Du join forces to defeat Vo Danh god monk?  - Photo 1.

Kieu Phong, Hu Truc and Doan Du are all characters with superior martial arts in Thien Long Eight. (Photo: Baidu)

About the second brother Hu Truc, he was originally a small monk with low martial arts, but after many fates, he had a superior martial arts body. When he accidentally solved the Go game Tran Lung of the master of the Tieu Dao – Vo Nhai Tu sect, which he passed on to him for 70 years of his life’s effort. After that, once again, Huu Truc was imparted his inner strength by Thien Son Dong Lao and Ly Thu Thuy before his death. Thus, Hu Truc has acquired the extremely deep internal strength of the three great masters of the Tieu Dao sect and has become one of the top masters in the martial arts.

Similar to Huu Truc, Doan Du is also a character who obtained superior martial arts by accident. Originally, Doan Du hated violence so he refused to learn martial arts. However, on the way to travel around the world, he reluctantly learned many top-notch techniques such as Lang Ba Vi Bo, Bac Minh Than Cong and Luc Circuit Than Sword. Moreover, Doan Du also absorbed the internal attacks of many masters, including Cuu Ma Tri, so his strength has increased a lot, even then he easily defeated Murong Phuc in just a few minutes. 1 musical note.

The power of the Nameless God increased

So what if the power of the Nameless God increased? In the Thien Long Eight, Vo Danh Than Sang is considered to have the most sublime martial arts. He only needed to use 2 palms to defeat masters like Tieu Vien Son and Murong Bo. The martial arts of the godless monk is excellent, but he has not yet reached a state of invincibility against attacks. The evidence is that Kieu Phong used Hang Long and Ten Eight Palms to break the ribs of the monk Vo Danh, causing him to vomit blood.

Can Kieu Phong, Huu Truc, and Doan Du join forces to defeat Vo Danh god monk?  - Photo 2.

Vo Danh Than increase is considered by many fans of swordplay novels to have the strongest martial arts. (Photo: Baidu)

After being injured, the monk Wuming praised Kieu Phong’s Hang Long Ten Eight Palms as the best in the world. It can be seen that the monk Wu Danh is also somewhat afraid of Kieu Phong. What about Doan Du? Kieu Phong once said that Doan Du’s Six Circuits Divine Sword is also one of the strongest martial arts along with Dich Can Kinh. If Duan Yu practices hard, he can become a great master of this martial art. And his Six Vein Divine Sword is more likely to damage the Unknown God.

As for Xu Truc, it is no exaggeration to say that relying on the superior techniques of the Tieu Dao sect and more than 200 years of internal strength, he can also fight with the godless monk. Therefore, if Kieu Phong, Huu Truc and Doan Du compete with the god Vo Danh, they will certainly not lose. Because they already have a melee fighter, Kieu Phong, an attack by Doan Du, and support from Xu Truc, not to mention they are all people with unlimited potential, the more they fight, the stronger they are, so the chances of winning are very high.

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