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1001 situations of “getting old” of couples who use erectile dysfunction drugs, think sublimation is in trouble

Sometimes, Viagra users can experience problems reaching old age.

Recently, a new study found that people taking erectile dysfunction drugs were twice as likely to have vision problems – even blindness.

Many users have also reported problems with their hearing – including Hugh Hefner (founder and former Editor-in-Chief of adult magazine Playboy). According to former lovers of the Playboy tycoon, he “would rather have sex than try to keep his hearing”. However, this man who died at the age of 91 in 2017 is not the only one to have problems related to Viagra.

One Briton reported that his penis was permanently crooked after taking the drug, while another suffered from painful prolonged erections. Some people have even more complicated problems such as an inflamed “penis” that requires amputation.

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Some men turn to Viagra as a “salvage” for erectile dysfunction. (Illustration)

A man named Gentil Ramírez Polanía deliberately took too much Viagra to impress his new lover in 2013. But this Colombian man in his 60s had to endure terrible pain when his “boy” got an erection. continue for several days. Doctors discovered that this part of his body was inflamed, broken and showed signs of necrosis. They were forced to amputate his penis to prevent the necrotic tissue from spreading.

“Like a piece of glass in the eye”

Electrician Nat Thind suffered a month-long erection after taking Viagra in 2019. At the time, just 26 years old, Nat had to have genital surgery. When the operation failed, the doctors spent up to three days to find a solution until Nat’s penis naturally became soft again. However, from then on, Nat never got an erection again.

“I don’t know how to describe what happened. I had a healthy sex life before and it obviously never came back,” the guy shared after the incident.

Others are luckier, only suffering for hours instead of weeks. Mike Dowdall took a Viagra pill to make sex with his wife Amanda last longer and more intense. But hours later, the father of three’s penis was still “saluting the flag”. Mike said: ‘I was miserable and the ‘boy’ was in pain. After rinsing in the shower 2 times – once warm and once cold, it remained inert. I started to panic and the stress got worse. Amanda took an ice pack to help me calm down for a while.”

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Men have problems in bed when “upper told me below to not listen”. (Illustration)

The man said the intense pain did not go away, but it was like someone stabbed a piece of glass in his eye over and over again. This condition lasted until 9am the next morning, then the pain returned 24 hours later.

“Looking at everything becomes green”

Some people who take the risk of buying erectile dysfunction pills online also report that they experience even stranger symptoms.

Jake Land was just 21 years old when he decided to take drugs and look for a “one-night stand” in Manchester (England). “Within an hour of taking the pills, my vision started turning blue. It’s like someone put a filter on everything. Everything looked blurry and even though the medicine worked, I felt like someone kicked my crotch so hard,” he said.

After having sex three times in a row with a new acquaintance that night, the young man spent the next day suffering from unpleasant flu-like symptoms. He threw away all remaining pills and vowed never to take them again, unless prescribed by a doctor.

Had to take 3 days off work because of male enhancement pills

John Browne was in a similar predicament with the Viagra he bought online. This Herefordshire (England) chef found himself bursting with headaches and burning hot when he took the pill before going to a date.

“My heart was pounding, my head was pounding, and I felt horrible. I had to take 3 days off work after that,” he said.

Another man even broke his penis after taking the drug. This unlucky dad got a prolonged erection after sex and disaster struck the next morning when his son jumped in for a hug.

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Some drugs that support sexual enhancement can cause men to experience side effects if used incorrectly. (Illustration)

According to the British Medical Journal, the 36-year-old suffered “suddenly severe pain” and was rushed to the emergency room. Penile fracture occurs when the penis is erect when it is impacted by a strong force. In this case, the father was taken to surgery to remove the blood clot and repair the tear in the “little boy”. The operation was successful and the patient recovered his erection afterwards.

Unable to control behavior

Some of the accidents involving Viagra are even more bizarre.

In 2018, a naked tourist ran around at a Thai airport after taking too many male enhancement pills. This New Yorker (USA) Steve Cho later said that he scared other tourists by running through the stations and even throwing waste at airport staff. It all ended when he was “grabbed by the neck” and taken to the local police station before being taken to a nearby hospital for a medical check-up and psychiatric evaluation.

A statement from Phuket International Airport later said that Steve Cho had taken too much Viagra. The man apologized and agreed to pay any damages.

Erectile dysfunction and the use of Viagra

Erectile dysfunction is when a man is unable to achieve and maintain an erection. This is a very common condition, especially in older men. It is estimated that half of men between the ages of 40 and 70 will have some degree of this condition,

In the UK and much of the world, Viagra is sold without a prescription – but it’s prudent to consult your doctor before taking it if you have concerns and only use the recommended dose.

Drugs like Viagra work by dilating blood vessels – temporarily increasing blood flow to the penis, helping it to get an erection. They are usually effective 30-60 minutes after taking them, but some, like Viagra, can be taken up to 4 hours before sexual activity.

Since its introduction on the market in 1998, this drug has been widely used safely and millions of men have taken it to be active in their sex lives. However, if taken in the wrong dose or when it is not needed, this medicine can cause many problems, as has been the case in this article.

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