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3 signs that children are smart and are “good seeds” from a young age

When observing children closely, parents should pay attention to some details that, although they may look naughty and unusual, are signs that they are healthy, well developed brain.

3 behaviors that prove children are both healthy and smart

1. Talking too much

Perhaps children who talk a lot are annoying for both parents and teachers. In class, children always talk to their friends during class, which affects everyone. At home, children ask their parents a lot of things, their mouth never rests, they always talk about everything in the world.

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However, in reality, children who talk a lot mean that they are optimistic, extroverted, have good language skills but still have no control over themselves. So all day they are like warblers, singing non-stop.

2. Too engrossed, focused

When children are too absorbed in looking at something or playing with their favorite toy, they often don’t hear their parents calling. At this time, parents should not be in a hurry to lose their temper. Children are not intentionally ignoring but are just too focused on what they care about. Children are immersed in their own world.

If children can focus on doing something, this is a valuable ability, parents should protect this ability of their children.

These 3 behaviors show that children are


3. Have the courage to admit mistakes

As children, they cannot avoid making mistakes that make their parents angry. At such times, parents need to calm down first, be more tolerant and understanding. This is an opportunity for parents to educate their children to have the courage to admit their mistakes and take responsibility for their actions.

There are some children who, when they do wrong, actively admit their mistakes to their parents and dare to bear the consequences of their own actions. This shows that children are responsible people, IQ and EQ are both very high.

How should parents “seed good seeds”?

No matter how good a seed is, it needs to be planted in accordance with its growing environment. For example, seeds of aquatic plants cannot grow well on land even with good fertilizer. In addition to understanding this, parents need to apply the following in the process of educating their children.

– Do not cover up your child’s misbehavior

When children make mistakes, parents should not cover up, point out their children’s mistakes, offer reasonable correction methods and encourage children to admit their mistakes.

These 3 behaviors show that children are


– Pay attention to children’s interests

As for the hobbies of children, if supported by their parents, they will develop into talents. Parents should care what their children like, what hobbies they have, and what they can support themselves. For example, if children are interested in painting, parents can take their children to drawing class on weekends. No matter what hobby, no matter how strange, parents should not scold their children to give it up.

In today’s society, having a special skill is very important, sometimes even more decisive than a degree. Therefore, parents need to develop interests for their children from an early age.

– Change tone, way of speaking

When parents want their children to change or comply with their requests, parents should change their own tone of voice, avoiding commanding or forcing. Parents can use sentence patterns such as “I hope you…”, “I can…”, I think…” The tone of negotiation, advice will bring more efficient than giving orders. no-may-no-mat-voi-xom-lang-20220420225617915.chn

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