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3 steps to register for an electronic identity account

According to the Ministry of Public Security, an electronic identity account is a collection of usernames (which is a citizen’s personal identification number), password (sent via SMS to each individual), created by the electronic identification and authentication system of the Ministry of Public Security.

3 steps to register for an electronic identity account - 1

The police carry out procedures to issue CCCD with chips to people. Photo: PB

Currently, the Ministry of Public Security and local police are implementing electronic identification accounts for people through the issuance of CCCD cards with chips.

Accordingly, when citizens go to the police office of the district/district/province/city to carry out procedures for granting, exchanging and re-granting a chip-mounted CCCD, they can register for an electronic identity account by following these steps:

– Step 1: Citizens notify officials about the application for electronic identification. Registration information includes: Phone number, email address.

Citizens can provide additional information about dependents with accompanying documents (if citizens wish to integrate this information into the application file for electronic identification).

In case citizens want to register for integration of information displayed on the national electronic identification application, papers such as driver’s license, vehicle registration, social insurance, health insurance .. ., then bring more original papers for comparison.

– Step 2: Citizens make a dossier of application for issuance, exchange and re-issuance of CCCD with electronic chip, including personal/relative information and biometric information.

– Step 3: Officers continue to process the application for issuance, exchange and re-issue of CCCD with chip in accordance with the CCCD granting process.

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