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8 taboo things in bed you need to remember – Life Health

Monday, May 2, 2022 21:00 PM (GMT+7)

There are things that guys don’t like in the bedroom that girls don’t know, just innocently commit.

1. Silence

Staying silent in bed is not golden. Appreciate him if he does what you like or conversely whisper to him what you don’t want…

2. nagging

Contrary to the extreme of silence, there are women who constantly use moments of intimacy to nag, scold or even scold him about something. If you do this all the time, his interest will cool off.

8 taboo things in bed girls need to remember - 1

3. “Direct” his actions

Men tend to be leaders, so they don’t like being directed or ordered by others. In particular, in the sexual relationship, men want to show their bravery to the “other half”. Therefore, her instructions or instructions such as: “Don’t do that”, “You have to do this”… will make him extremely uncomfortable and uninterested. Of course, you will have certain preferences, but explain to him before you two get involved. If you continue to control his actions, you will make him seriously lose interest.

8 taboo things in bed girls need to remember - 3

4. Expressionless eyes

Men don’t feel comfortable in bed when their partner is always looking down at the bed, staring at his body, or looking at the wall or ceiling. He’ll think you’re skeptical or bored with sex.

5. Always be in a passive position

“Passive” will make him feel strong as the conqueror. However, not every guy wants you to be a docile cat. Be a little flirty, be a little proactive to surprise him, or simply make him not boring.

8 taboo things in bed girls need to remember - 4

6. Don’t focus on love

This is something that happens easily to many women. There are many things in daily life that make you worry. But that’s not the time to think about the bills, the kids getting bad grades, the bad co-workers, the monthly salary…. When you’re close, focus your whole body and mind. your mind in love. Thus, you will have quality love, so that your body can be regenerated, young and full of energy.

7. Dry voice

There’s no need to flirt, but try to say meaningful sentences that guys want to hear the most. During sex, make use of your breath effectively because this is a weapon that both increases excitement for him and is the secret to a quick and long orgasm for her.

8. Set a time limit before “falling in love”

Men really hate this when “in love”, so if you have a busy job, you should frankly refuse the invitation, not accept “love” in a lukewarm, hasty way. If the girls still accept the invitation to be close when the mood is uncomfortable and set limits for “love”, the other party will feel disrespected and lose interest.

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