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Baby saved by a nylon bag

Isabella Gailbraith, 33 years old, living in Worcestershire (England), went into labor when she was only 25 weeks pregnant. At the hospital, she gave birth to a boy named Pace, who weighs only 567g, 101 days earlier than expected. Doctors put the baby in a special newborn bag to keep him warm because Pace didn’t have enough fat in his body yet.

Pace is so small that it can almost fit in the palm of a parent’s hand. She spent the first weeks of her life at Bristol Children’s Hospital.

Pace’s parents hope the boy will be healthy enough to go home before June 22 – the original due date.

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Pace was born 3 months early.

Gailbraith recalls: ‘When Pace was born, the doctor put my baby in a neonatal bag, a type of drawstring bag used to keep him warm because he couldn’t regulate his temperature. It lasts about the first 10 minutes of life.

Gailbraith was taken to the Royal Worcestershire Hospital on March 7.

And her first child, now 12 years old, was born 10 weeks premature. So Gailbraith knew she could give birth earlier than expected again.

“My baby wanted to be born at 24 weeks, but we have some drugs to delay that until week 25,” Gailbraith said.

The mother took anticoagulants because being in bed a week before, being inactive increases the risk of blood clots forming. But this means she cannot have an epidural during childbirth.

Pace is being cared for at hospital in Bristol. Parents visit the boy every day. They were able to hold their baby when Pace turned 1 week old.

The boy is making good, albeit slow, progress. Currently, Pace’s lungs are not fully developed, so he still has to use ventilators.

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