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Bugatti Chiron “Made in Vietnam” causes fever in car enthusiasts

Sunday, May 1, 2022 15:00 PM (GMT+7)

The Youtube group in Vietnam caused a fever in the car enthusiasts at home and abroad when they designed a real Bugatti Chiron and let it roll on the road.

A group of YouTubers in Vietnam has caused a fever in the car-loving community at home and abroad when designing a lifelike Bugatti Chiron and rolling it on the road. “Dong Ki fever” guys in the automotive design industry are wanting to realize their dreams.

Bugatti Chiron

Vu Duc Sang next to the self-made Bugatti Chiron of the Nhat TV group

Paid for 1 billion, still not selling

In mid-April 2022, knowing that YouTuber group “Nhat TV” (the author of a homemade Bugatti Chiron) brought the car to Hanoi to complete the interior, Reporter Traffic Newspaper went to the place to view the vehicle. caused fever in the online community and was reported by many major newspapers around the world.

Although the “Made in Vietnam” Bugatti Chiron has received a lot of criticism, to facilitate the finishing process before officially launching to the public, the Nhat TV team chose a furniture store located in a deep alley, on the street. Vu Quynh (Nam Tu Liem, Hanoi) as a residence. They even cover the entire store for security.

Following the Bugatti Chiron to Hanoi to supervise the interior making stages is Vu Duc Sang (SN 1998 in Quang Yen, Quang Ninh) and his uncle, both members of the Nhat TV group.

Sang said, this Bugatti Chiron can be considered as the best handcrafted work of the group ever.

Previously, the group made many homemade models of many models of motorcycles and supercars, but only from iron frames and cardboard. But this Bugatti Chiron with the outer shell made of composite plastic and the frame is very solid pipe.

In the process of machining and manufacturing the Bugatti Chiron, the team does not use a specific way of distributing work to each member.

Instead, all members will work together on each part of the car to support each other and agree on changes during the construction process.

According to Vu Duc Sang, the Bugatti Chiron has a self-welded chassis. The shell is made of plastic but very thick.

Because we can only find out online the basic parameters of the car such as length, width, and wheelbase, overall, it can be considered almost equivalent to the real car.

But the details do not have exact parameters, so they still have to follow feelings, so that they are balanced and eye-catching.

Bugatti Chiron

The Bugatti Chiron in the process of interior finishing in Hanoi

“The biggest difficulty when creating this Bugatti Chiron was making the plastic mold. The group had to tweak it again and again to get the car it is today. Maybe when placed next to the real car, there is still a point that is not 100% similar because it is handmade, aligned with the eyes, no graphic knowledge, CNC cutting, 3D printing… but I think foreign people will appreciate it. about handmade products,” added Sang.

As can be seen, the Bugatti Chiron of the Nhat TV group does not stop as a static model that can roll and move like a real car.

Unlike the massive engine block of the real Bugatti Chiron, the work of the Nhat TV group using a 1998 Toyota Corolla machine was purchased for an amount of about 15 million dong.

Because the feature of this engine is used for front-wheel vehicles, the team had to research and re-engineer it to be able to place the engine behind, with the rear-wheel drive system. For safety reasons, the group only moved at a speed of a few tens of kilometers, did not intend to test the car at higher speeds.

Some other notable details of the car such as 19-inch alloy wheels, separate suspension with shock absorbers from tractors, homemade disc brakes and brake shackles taken from motorbikes, electric power steering…

According to team members, the estimated amount of money spent to make the Bugatti Chiron (not including finishing the leather interior) is about 600 million VND. All of this money comes from YouTube sources, advertising.

“Since it was made of paper, many people have asked to buy it. As for this Bugatti Chiron, Vietnamese people asked to buy it for 1 billion VND. But the group didn’t want to sell, so they didn’t bid.

The group wants to keep it so that if possible, they can make a set of many similar cars. Currently, the team is planning to build two more supercars, Ferrari LaFerrari and Pagani,” Sang said.

From model cars to car design dreams

Bugatti Chiron

The Bugatti Chiron was built by the Nhat TV group before changing the paint color to white

Sharing about the reason for making model cars by himself, Sang said that at first, many people did not believe him, saying that doing this was pointless.

In addition, the group is also supported by their family when pursuing their hobby and passion for car manufacturing, so they also ignore the rumors. Up to now, the group’s hobby and passion for car building has been well received by everyone.

Vu Duc Sang confided, after completing the Bugatti Chiron, if possible, the group also wants to organize a separate exhibition tour for the car from North to South. The car cannot be driven on the street, so it is possible to hire a specialized vehicle to carry it. At each certain place, you can descend, take photos, make a journey across the country.

Looking at the Bugatti Chiron with its complete engine, suspension, and steering system details, PV was surprised when Sang said that no one in the group had basic knowledge of cars.

All of them researched, tinkered and started working on their own. The group’s tools can also be considered very rudimentary with hand cutters, welding machines, drills, steam machines, hand-held screwdrivers…

When asked why not ask for the help of professionals, Sang said, the whole group wants to learn, experience, do it on their own to gain experience gradually. Whatever you can do, you should learn, not ask for help.

For example, the painting is also done by the group itself. There are painters in Saigon contacting, ready to support, but the group wants to do it themselves. Painting cars is difficult, so the whole group has to spend time going to school, listening to painters’ instructions, and sharing experiences.

In order to make the next model cars, he will definitely have to gradually upgrade equipment and tools. Besides, it is necessary to learn more in-depth knowledge: “I also want a place to learn more knowledge related to mechanics and automotive engineering.

However, my dream is to work in the design field so that I can draw and design cars professionally. Automotive design is very popular in the world.

The first thing that attracts customers to a car is certainly the first design. Currently, technology and machinery related to cars are available and very modern.

Sang also said that the team currently only stops at hand sketches of cars and then makes products. The group also wants to find members to work as designers so that they can gradually become more professional in creating a car.

According to an expert in the field of registration, designing a car to satisfy passion and creativity is something that should be encouraged.

If that car is made for show only, not for commercial purposes, then there is no problem. Only when bringing the car to the street or moving on the street causing an accident will it be considered a violation of the law.

“Manufacturing a car model that is almost identical to another car sold on the market, with a brand name but not for commercial purposes and without a logo, according to the Intellectual Property Law, there will be no violation.” this person said.

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