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Discovered the body “most likely to be a Vietnamese citizen”

Japanese police are investigating the incident in the direction that this may be a case. They said the woman’s mouth was stuffed with a handkerchief.

According to police, someone called an ambulance around 2:30 a.m. local time on May 2, saying there was a woman lying on a road in Bunkyo prefecture.

Police rushed to the scene and found an unconscious woman. They said the person was most likely in her 20s. She was taken to hospital but died not long after.

Investigative sources confirmed that her personal belongings showed that she was most likely Vietnamese.

Police confirmed that they are investigating the cause of this woman’s death and are taking statements from a Vietnamese citizen near the scene.

The scene is located in an alley near Yushima subway station. The area has many restaurants and hotels.

Japan: Discovered bodies

The scene is located in an alley near Yushima subway station. Photo: Wiki

Earlier, on April 6, Japanese police ordered the arrest of Toshiie Yamaguchi, an employee of a transportation company in Mitsuyanaka area, Yodogawa district, Osaka prefecture for the murder of 31-year-old Ms. Vo Thi Le Quyen. , Vietnamese.

Yamaguchi confessed that due to a difficult life, he attacked the victim to get money. Security cameras recorded Yamaguchi going to the restaurant and inviting Quyen to his apartment on the morning of 3-4. Police came to check Yamaguchi’s apartment on the evening of 3-4 and found that he was in critical condition with a cut in his neck, so he was taken to the hospital for emergency treatment.

When they returned to investigate the scene the next morning, the police discovered Ms. Quyen’s body hidden behind a TV shelf. Japanese media quoted Yamaguchi’s testimony: “I had money problems so I robbed her, but she resisted, so I strangled, then used a knife to cut my own throat to kill myself.”

The suspect was charged with three counts of murder, robbery and disposing of the body.

Japan: Discovered bodies

Suspect Toshiie Yamaguchi. Screenshot of Fukushima Central Television

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