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Extreme heat in India pushes electricity demand in April to a record high

Accordingly, the increased use of air conditioners caused the worst electricity crisis in more than 6 years in Vietnam. India.

A Reuters analysis of Indian government data showed that electricity demand increased by 13.2% to 135.4 billion kWh, as electricity demand in the North increased from 16% to 75%.

Job use the electricity The increase is expected to increase as forecast by the Weather Authority of India, above normal maximum temperatures in most of the central West, North West, North and North East regions.

Scientists warn, India and neighboring Pakistan have suffered hot extreme heat this year and more than 1 billion people are facing the risk of continued heat.

Unprecedented demand for electricity led to widespread power cuts in April, as utilities struggled to keep up with demand as coal supplies dwindled. Power supply fell 2.41 billion units, or 1.8%, the lowest level since October 2015.

Electricity demand in the capital New Delhi increased by 42% in April, with northern states like Punjab and Rajasthan seeing electricity demand increase by 36% and 28% respectively, according to Government of India data.

Rising temperatures led to a 74.7% increase in electricity use in Sikkim, a small hilly state in northeastern India.

Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand, two other mountainous states in India that attract crowds of tourists to escape the heat in the plains, have seen electricity demand increase by more than 60% due to rising temperatures.

High heat in India pushes electricity demand in April to a record high - Photo 1.

Other northern states such as Haryana and Uttar Pradesh, and Jharkhand in the East reported a more than 25% increase in electricity demand.

Seven states including Andhra Pradesh in the south recorded their worst power cuts in more than five years. These are mostly states in the north, which suffer from high temperatures due to the heat wave.

India is likely to face more power cuts as coal stocks at power and water supply companies are at their lowest pre-summer levels in at least nine years, down 13%, although Coal Co. State-run India, which accounts for 80% of India’s coal production, has increased coal production by more than 27%.

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