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Female filmmaker behind at Cannes Film Festival 2022, critics disappointed

“How come this year only three films directed by female filmmakers are main contenders for the world’s most prestigious film festival?‘ Variety writer Claudia Eller asked after the Cannes Organizing Committee announced this year’s list of works.

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Cannes Film Festival 2022 is disappointing because only 3 films directed by female filmmakers are shortlisted for the award.

According to Indiewine, the filmmakers attending this year’s Cannes film festival do not represent a new standard of diversity and gender equality. Festival director Thierry Fremaux once told Variety that he is aiming to “hopefully” have a “stronger presence of female directors” by 2022. But so far, there are Looks like he didn’t reach that goal.

Since becoming the first international festival to sign a commitment to gender equality in 2018, Cannes has not made significant progress in increasing female representation, which is still dominated by male directors. treat.

Up to this point, there are only 3 films by female directors out of a total of 18 in competition. Those are Kelly Reichardt, with “Showing up,” Valeria Bruni Tedeschi with “Forever Young,” and Claire Denis with “The Stars at noon.” Last year, four of the 21 competing films were by female filmmakers. That number matches the highest level reached by the previous 2019 film festival.

When asked about the criticism of Cannes festivals in recent years because only 3.4 works by female filmmakers were nominated, Mr. Thierry Fremaux frankly said: “These kinds of questions can only be answered by putting them in the right context. If we compare films from this year and 40 years ago, it’s impossible. Last year, female directors were won a series of the highest awards at Cannes. There is no set standard, so we select films based on their artistic value.”

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Last year, Julia Ducournau won the Palme d’Or for her film “Titane”.

It must be noted, however, that while female directors are underrepresented in the competition, they have largely outperformed their male counterparts in awards in recent years. The Palme d’Or has been awarded to two female directors in the festival’s 74-year history. Last year, Julia Ducournau won with “Titane” and Jane Campion with “Piano lesson” in 1993.

In 2019, 3 out of 4 female filmmakers competing for the award won the award at Cannes. Mati Diop won the Grand Prize for “Atlantique”, Celine Sciamma won Best Screenplay for “Portrait of a Lady on Fire” and Emily Beecham won best actress for her role in “Little Joe” by Jessica Hausner.

Besides the Cannes film festival, Audrey Diwan won the Golden Lion at the Venice film festival for “Happening”, while Jane Campion won the Silver Lion for Best Director for “Power of the Dog”. , Carla Simón took the top prize with “Alcarràs.” Other festivals, such as Toronto and Sundance, also saw female filmmakers take home top awards with director Kamila Andini’s “Yuni” and “Yuni” The Nanny” by Nikyatu Jusu.

Cannes is not the only case of failure to maintain gender equality. Most major film festivals in Europe also fail to reflect gender equality. Cannes organizers have explained the disparity in representation by saying that there may not be enough female directors with the same pedigree as their male counterparts, an argument that has led many in the creative community create anger.

“The recent success of female directors in other film festivals should have inspired Cannes to attract greater attention to female filmmakers this year. Like Venice, Cannes has flopped at the box office. significant increase in the number of female directors competing for awards since signing the gender equality pledge A major reason behind this gender imbalance is stiff competition between film festivals such as Cannes and Cannes. Venice, which is chasing the most acclaimed and critically acclaimed filmmakers for a more famous competitive lineup.”writer Keslassy of Variety commented.

Female filmmaker underpowered at Cannes Film Festival 2022, critics disappointed - 3

Not only Cannes, but most major film festivals in Europe do not reflect gender equality.

Overall, the advancement of female directors is not enough. Although the list has expanded throughout the years, the representation of female filmmakers is not proportional to that. In 2019, there are 14 female directors out of 47 officially selected films, in 2021 there are 28 out of 64 films and so far there are only 9 films out of 49 in 2022.

Outside of the Cannes competition, things are even more bleak. Of the four “Cannes Premiere” films, none were directed by women. The same goes for the “Special Screening” and “Midnight” categories. Among the films to be released are Joseph Kosinski’s “Top Gun: Maverick”, Baz Luhrmann’s “Elvis”, Michel Hazanavicius’ “Z”… none of which are directed by women. At least there are some bright spots in the “Un Certain Regard” category. Of the 15 films announced, six were directed or co-directed by women.

Critics hope things will get back on track for Cannes next year, when festival president-elect Iris Knobloch – the first woman to hold the title.

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