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Former Sumo fighters “wrestle” with life after retirement

The popularity of the Sumo boxers They are also compared with many A-list stars. However, when these boxers retire, they face many difficulties in adapting to life outside the ring due to lack of social knowledge.

Leaving high school at the age of 15, former boxer sumo Keisuke Kamikawa participated in the Sumo training camps and won many noble titles. However, now at the age of 44, after retiring, his current job is working at an elderly care center, the job probably doesn’t need too many degrees, just ingenuity and health. too good.

Mr. Keisuke Kamikawa, former Sumo fighter, shared: “When boxers retire, many don’t know what their next step will be. They tend to waste time being unable to decide. I hope to provide options for them such as being able to become a caregiver here“.

As for former boxer Takuya Saito, after retiring at the age of 32, he fell into a state of “inferiority” after many failed interviews. The first job he wanted to do was at a pastry shop, but because of his size, he was rejected. Many people choose to become security guards or masseuses.

Former Sumo fighters struggled with life after retirement - Photo 1.

Retired Sumo fighters face many difficulties in life. (Photo: Reuters)

Takuya Sumo Saito said: “I have had many job interviews, but I don’t have any experience. They rejected me everywhere. I think it’s a good idea for sumo fighters to focus on their sport, but it’s also not a bad idea to keep them up to date by reading newspapers and books when they have time. . It can help them prepare for retirement later on“.

According to the share, many boxers retire with little or no savings because the remuneration they receive is only 10% of the prizes they receive in the top tournaments. The lower ranked wrestlers get nothing but room, board, and tournament expenses.

Currently, a career counseling group after the retirement of sumo wrestlers has been established by martial artist Kamikawa, because he knows many families are worried about their son’s future: “Sumo wrestling is a playground where you must be willing to risk your life to win. Therefore, forcing boxers to think about the future seems to be too big of a challenge for them“.

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