From May 21, people can register motorbikes at the commune police

According to Circular 15/2022/TT-BCA amending and supplementing a number of articles of Circular No. 58/2020/TT-BCA dated June 16, 2020 of the Minister of Public Security, stipulating the process of granting and revoking registration certificates. Sign and license plate of road motorized vehicles takes effect from May 21, 2022.

In which, Circular 15 (revising Clause 6, Article 3 of Circular 58/2020/TT-BCA) empowers commune, ward and township police (commune-level police) to register and issue license plates for motorbikes, motorcycles (including electric scooters) for individuals and organizations.

From May 21, people can register motorbikes at the commune police - Photo 1.

From May 21, register motorbikes at the commune police station, and cars at the district police station.

Accordingly, the commune-level police register and issue license plates for motorbikes and mopeds (including electric scooters) of domestic agencies, organizations, enterprises, military enterprises and individuals with headquarters or places of permanent residence in their respective localities and foreign agencies, organizations and individuals, of projects and economic organizations in joint venture with foreign countries in their respective localities; organize the revocation of registration certificates, expired license plates or unusable vehicles of agencies, organizations and individuals with headquarters or permanent residence in the locality.

Note, only communes in the last 3 consecutive years with the number of new registrations of 250 motorcycles and mopeds (including electric scooters) or more in a year, the commune police will be allowed to register. Sign and issue license plates.

Also according to Circular 15/2022/TT-BCA, district-level police will register and issue license plates of automobiles to domestic organizations and individuals with headquarters or permanent residence in their localities; Except: Cars of foreign agencies, organizations and individuals, projects, joint venture economic organizations with foreign countries in the locality and agencies, organizations, enterprises, military enterprises, and individuals. having its head office or permanent residence in the district, city under the central government or the city in the province where the traffic police department is located. Cars of diplomatic missions, consular offices, representative offices of international organizations in Vietnam and cars of foreigners working in such agencies; cars of agencies and organizations specified in Appendix 01 of Circular 58/2020/TT-BCA.

Procedures for registering motorbikes at the police station of communes and wards, people need to prepare the following procedures:

Step 1: Pay registration fee. The vehicle owner will prepare a registration fee declaration dossier, including a registration fee declaration form according to form No. 02/LPTB; Copies of documents on lawful property purchase, sale and transfer (contract of sale and donation); a copy of the vehicle registration certificate of the old owner or a copy of the certificate of revocation of registration and license plate of the police agency (applicable to the registration of title transfer – purchase of a used car); copies of documents proving that the property or property owner is exempt from registration fee (if any). Vehicle owners also need to prepare an amount corresponding to the registration fee to be paid for their motorbike. Depending on where you live, the registration fee is 2% or 5% of the registration fee calculation price (specified, not according to the actual purchase price).

Step 2: Prepare and submit motorcycle registration documents. Vehicle owners need a vehicle registration declaration; Vehicle origin papers: For imported motorcycles (including electric scooters), the declaration of vehicle origin must be attached. For domestically manufactured and assembled vehicles, the Certificate of quality inspection of road motor vehicle ex-factory shall be submitted; vehicle ownership transfer papers: Invoices, financial documents (receipts, receipts); Vehicle registration fee documents: Receipt or paper of payment to the state budget or written authorization to pay registration fee via bank or other registration fee payment documents as prescribed by law or notice. registration fee payment information is printed from the vehicle management registration system (full name, model number, vehicle type, engine number, vehicle chassis number); show ID card or CCCD card of car owner or household registration book.

In addition, car owners also need to prepare a motorbike registration fee, ranging from 50,000 VND to 4 million VND depending on where they live and the value of the vehicle.

Step 3: Click to select the plate and assign the number plate. After completing the steps to pay the registration fee and submit the vehicle registration file, the car owner will be able to click on the number plate and hand over the number plate and the appointment letter to get the vehicle registration.

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