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Graduation in BUV’s ‘new normal’

Online lecture hall

As a university environment of international standards, since 2019, BUV has put into use Canvas – the software of the LMS online learning management system, an online lecture hall that helps BUV-ers have an easy home learning experience. easier and more efficient.

At BUV, lessons are also regularly recorded for students’ review purposes. BUV-ers can take notes directly in course materials on the iPad provided by the school from the time of admission for the most comprehensive experience and knowledge.

In particular, the “breakout rooms” feature – dividing students into small groups of Canvas has been actively used. The division of students into groups to discuss directly with the lecturer about exercises, projects, group work via chat, voice calls, email… has helped students improve interaction with lecturers and classmates.

Professor Raymond Gordon said: “The blended learning model has been bringing many benefits to students because it helps students access a wealth of extensive knowledge not only in Vietnam but also in the world. It also provides opportunities for university-to-university collaboration and worldwide learning opportunities for students.”

BUV also introduces students to online internship programs, providing the opportunity to gain unique work experience in an international environment and remote working skills. The program incorporates an element of cultural immersion, helping to connect students with employers and intern communities around the world. For example, the online international internship program of AIESEC, Virtual Internship company, Talent Basket…

Graduation course in the new normal of BUV - 3

New graduates, lecturers, and their families were present at the graduation ceremony. Image: BUV

New majors with first bachelor’s degrees

Along with information technology, the creative industry is predicted to be one of the “key spearhead” industries of Vietnam in the coming time. However, Vietnam is still limited in terms of formal creative training schools, making many students who are passionate about creativity but feel timid and not confident enough to choose this path.

Understanding this, BUV introduced into the training program Contemporary Creative Applications in 2018, with a suitable and flexible learning environment designed to approach new creative methods, helping students discover and develop new creative ideas. develop personal skills that meet the criteria of the modern Creative Industry.

Here, students are encouraged to think creatively, and at the same time equipped with practical skills to be ready to adapt to the future working environment right from year 1, creating products with their own imprint. across many projects.

Event Management is also the first graduate course at BUV. The program not only equips students with the management knowledge of event operations, but also includes the business background and comprehensive skill set to become event professionals, from handling Manage client requirements, ensure legal issues, human resources, logistics, finance, communication, catering, risk management to design presentation and report for the event. Students have the opportunity to participate in real projects, do internships to gain practical experience.

“BUV students, regardless of discipline, will be trained in design thinking, discovery and innovation. In an age of scientific and technological advancements, people will thrive not only in architecture. acquired knowledge, but also the ability to create new knowledge, in a rapidly changing economic and social context, to provide solutions to many problems and create opportunities for all”. Professor Raymond Gordon said.

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