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Groom has low blood sugar while receiving gold on his wedding day

02/05/2022 14:49 GMT+7

Tired after many days of staying up at night, at the right time to receive wedding gifts from friends and relatives, the groom Tan Tai was dizzy, had a headache, and had low blood sugar on stage.

On April 28, the wedding of Huynh Tan Tai (born in 1986) and Ho Hoe (born in 1997) was held in the hometown of Thanh Phu commune, Binh Long town, Binh Phuoc province. On the happy day, the two received many wedding gifts from family and friends.

However, by the time he and his wife received a gift of dozens of gold bars from a friend, Tan Tai showed signs of fatigue and dizziness. Moments later, he collapsed on the stage, supported by friends to measure his blood pressure.

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Tan Tai showed signs of low blood sugar, his friends measured his blood pressure on the day of the wedding. Photo: @taylan649.

Sharing with Zing, Tan Tai confided that he had low blood sugar because of many sleepless nights before the wedding day. Before wearing many gold bracelets around his neck, he had a headache, dizziness, sweating and signs of low blood sugar. After giving gifts, he quickly found a place to rest and luckily recovered quickly.

“People make fun of me, saying I’m tired because I wear a lot of gold. With gold like that, I can still wear tens of kilograms. I’m just tired from insomnia,” Tan Tai said.

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The bride and groom received a total of 35 gold trees from relatives and friends. Photo: Ho Hoe.

According to Tan Tai, he and his wife were given a total of 35 gold trees by their families and friends.

In it, a very close friend from his childhood generously donated 10 gold trees (bracelets type). Everyone’s love makes both husband and wife very grateful.

Tan Tai and Ho Hoe dated for nearly a year before deciding to live in the same house.

According to the bride, she and her husband still have no plans to use the gifts given on their wedding day. Both are trying to develop their own businesses.

Previously, a video of Tan Tai wearing many gold bracelets around his neck, then having to measure his blood pressure during the wedding was posted on social networks. Many netizens admired the total number of valuable wedding gifts that the young couple received on the happy day.

Before that, in March, the bride Tran Tu Trinh (living in Soc Trang) was given by her biological parents 10 billion VND, a BMW vehicle registration certificate. Relatives and relatives also gave the bride and groom a lot of gold and jewelry.

At the wedding taking place on December 19, 2021 in Cai Tac town, Chau Thanh A district, the bride Ngoc Truc was also given 2 houses by her parents, some gold and diamonds with a total value of about approx. 13 billion VND.

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