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How dangerous is it for women to hold their urine before sleeping?

Most women know how to take care of their health. The proof is that before sleeping, they often apply a mask, apply lotion or massage the body… But did you know that, in the evening, before going to bed, if you forget to address a “physiological need?” ” is very important, it can lead to feelings of discomfort, then sleep is also seriously affected. Even if this situation persists for a long time, it will lead to unpredictable diseases.

Women do not fulfill

The “physiological need” that we refer to here is “urinating before sleeping”. Why is it important for women to pee before bed? In reality, hold urine For a long time we sleep will not only affect sleep but also bring many great harms to the body.

How dangerous is it for women to hold their urine before sleeping?

1. Easy to lead to urine leakage

The habit of holding urine for many hours can cause a certain pressure on the bladder, which over time makes it easy for women to experience urine leakage due to loss of bladder control. This not only reduces the quality of life but also affects health, even reducing life expectancy.

2. Dysmenorrhea

Women who hold urine before going to bed will make the bladder full. Once the bladder is full, the uterus compresses and the uterus tilts towards each other. This condition makes it difficult for the uterus to return to the correct position. If the bladder presses against the uterus, after tilting 2 degrees will prevent menstrual bleeding. At this point will cause severe dysmenorrhea symptoms.

If the uterus is tilted 3 degrees or the uterus will compress the nerves, it will cause pain in the waist and hips, when having sex, there will also be a feeling of intense pain, which may even affect the uterus. affect fertility.

Women do not fulfill

3. Urinary tract infections

Urinary tract infections are very common in women. One of the important causes of this condition is “choking urine” due to the habit of holding in urine.

When you urinate normally, urine can wash out the urethra, removing bacteria in the urethra from the body. And if you have a habit of “choking urine” for a long time, the ability to wash away bacteria will be relatively small, the chance for bacteria to stay in the urethra increases. In addition, because women’s urethra is shorter, so often fasting to urinate before sleeping will easily cause urinary tract infections upstream.

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4. Kidney disease

The kidney is like a sewage treatment plant of the human body. It is responsible for carrying out the detoxification function, through the urine to remove harmful substances and metabolic products from the body.

If you have a habit of holding urine for a long time, the kidneys will not be able to remove toxins and wastes in a timely manner, but accumulate in the body, causing great harm to the body. As a result, it is very easy to cause pyelonephritis, kidney stones, hydronephrosis … and if developed for a long time can also lead to uremia.

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5. Bladder Cancer

The bladder is the human body’s urine storage organ, only when the bladder is open normally can it excrete normally. However, if women often let “choking urine” before going to bed, carcinogens in the urine easily enter the bladder and are easy to cause malignant cells.

Studies show that urine excreted every two or three hours contains more carcinogens than urine excreted every hour. In other words, long-term holding of urine causes great harm to the body, easily increasing the risk of bladder cancer.

Urine with these 3 colors is a signal of disease

Urine is a metabolite in the human body. 95% of the composition of urine is water, urea, inorganic salts and uric acid account for 5%. So the color of normal urine is yellow or pale yellow. Once the color of urine changes, it means there is a problem with some organ in the body.

1. Dark yellow or golden brown

This color of urine is mainly related to sweating a lot, drinking too little water makes the urine concentrated. People taking certain medications such as B vitamins or riboflutrin can also lead to dark yellow urine. Also, if the urine is dark, dark yellow or golden brown, it is most likely due to problems with the gallbladder.

Women do not fulfill

2. White or colorless

If the urine is white, it is due to silkworm disease. If the urine is the color of rice soup, it is most likely due to too much uric acid, which mainly occurs in children, drinking a lot of boiled water can relieve symptoms. If the urine is white with pus, it is most likely because the patient has a serious purulent urinary tract infection.

If the urine is colorless, it is generally due to drinking too much water. If it is not due to drinking too much water, it can be related to diabetes, chronic nephritis.

3. Red or bloody

When you have a urinary system stone, the stone will rub against the tube wall of the urethra, causing renal colic, accompanied by intense pain in the lower back and abdomen, and hematuria. If there is blood in the urine, accompanied by obvious pain, urgency, and frequent urination, it is generally due to a urinary tract infection. In addition, trauma to the urethra or kidney damage from trauma and bladder rupture can also cause blood in the urine.

People who lack exercise for a long time, if sudden vigorous exercise, will lead to the dissolution of the transverse striated muscle, which can also lead to the appearance of blood in the urine. chi-dan-den-benh-nhiem-trung-va-ung-thu-20220501204728009.chn

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