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How did Spy x Family revive its father’s career?

With the popular animated film adaptation in the first half of 2022 with sales reaching millions of copies, it can be said that Spy x Family is a successful product up to now. . Perhaps, even the author of the series, Tatsuya Endo, could not have imagined that his product had achieved such an unexpected feat. Even before the release of this series, the author Tatsuya Endo was a name that no one knew.

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In fact, all of this author’s series have not had much success and been rejectedliked very early. Even, Tatsuya Endo was criticized a lot and was nicknamed the father of discontinued works. No one expected that a person with so many failures could continue to rise and achieve success like today.

The Beginning of the Author Tatsuya Endo: All One-Shot Stories

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If you don’t know, most manga series start out as One-Shot – 1-chapter manga. These products, if they attract enough attention, will be put up by publishers and editors as a manga series. Therefore, the mangaka will have to work very hard to make a good work.

For author Tatsuya Endo, this didn’t go so well early in his career. During the four-year period from 2000 to 2004, the manga’s works were all One-Shot and none of the series were upgraded. This is understandable, as his works are published in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine, which is considered the most competitive publisher in the industry.

Short comic series & life without longevity

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In 2007, Tatsuya Endo released his first full-length manga called Tista. This is a mystery & action story about a young girl named Tista, set in New York City. However, this work is also “short-lived” because it is only 9 chapters long and very few people read it.

In 2010, Endo released Gekka Bijin, an action-comedy series based on a Japanese legend, but it only lasted for 2 years. Endo’s subsequent works in the following years were not successful.

From ISpy to Spy x Family: Spectacular revival

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By 2018, Endo started writing ISpy. Basically, the plot of ISpy and Spy x Family is not the same, but viewers can still recognize some similarities with the main characters of the series that make up the success later.

Instead of a comedic family, ISpy is about a heartbroken young girl with the ability to hide. She fell in love with an older man without knowing he was a top spy. The success of this One-Shot set gave Endo the opportunity to start developing Spy x Family.

Initially, there was a lot of doubt about the success of Spy x Family. Indeed, everything is not wrong because the author Endo’s reputation is not great. However, everything turned out to be extremely unexpected when this series became popular on the Shonen Jump+ app and then became the most popular name. It has now sold over 17 million copies, a rare record for an author deemed a failure.

It even won a few awards such as Eisner Award and Harvey Award within 3 years. It can be said that Spy x Family has spectacularly revived Tatsuya Endo’s career.

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