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How to be effective?

The Ministry of Public Security has just developed a draft Resolution on piloting granting the right to choose to use car number plates through auction. This issue is of great interest to the public because the need to transfer beautiful license plates is real.

Should you give, give, or sell license plates?

Commenting on the draft resolution of the Ministry of Public Security, Dr. Khuong Kim Tao, former deputy chief of the Office of the National Traffic Safety Committee, supports the auction of beautiful license plates because it meets the needs of the people, creating additional revenue for the budget.

According to Dr. Tao, the auction of beautiful license plates or granting license plates according to wishes has been done for a long time in the world, but in Vietnam, it has not been implemented yet. “Overseas, when choosing a number plate, the authorities will charge a higher fee than the normal license plate. If many people register the same number plate, it will be auctioned. The number plate has been issued. will follow the individual for life and cannot be exchanged, bought or sold” – Dr. Tao said.

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The owner of this car in Nghe An was lucky to randomly draw a beautiful number plate 37A-999.99 Photo: HUU TUAN

Dr. Khuong Kim Tao said that Vietnam should take into account that after being granted a license plate, if the owner does not have a car, has not used the number plate, he must pay a monthly maintenance fee. Besides, it is also advisable to stipulate how long the license plate can be kept when there is no car to avoid buying and selling or profiteering, turning it into a license plate business service.

In the draft, the Ministry of Public Security proposed two options. Option 1: The auction winner is allowed to use but is forbidden to buy, sell and exchange number plates. Option 2: Allow people to buy, sell, give, gift, inherit, mortgage number plates and implement by including regulations on specific rights in law. During the pilot period, the Ministry of Public Security proposed to implement the plan to use the winning number plate at the auction, which has not been sold or transferred.

Regarding this content, Colonel Nguyen Van Fund, former head of the Traffic Police Team No. 1 of the Hanoi Police Department, commented: On the basis of the auction, the auction winner has the right to use and own the property. possess. After the vehicle’s circulation expires or there is no need to use the vehicle anymore, the auction winner can give, donate or sell license plates…

Generate revenue for the budget

Reality shows that people’s demand for beautiful license plates is great, many people are willing to spend billions to have the number plate they want. The problem is that there must be a mechanism to prevent negative, abusing the process of license plate operation for profit. Senior Lieutenant Colonel Nguyen Van Fund suggested that state agencies need to have a strict monitoring and management mechanism to avoid negative situations, non-transparency, taking advantage of the auction to distort humanity and civility in auctions. license plates. “When the auction will bring back a huge budget for the state. From that revenue, investing in traffic infrastructure will increase traffic civilization and reduce traffic accidents,” said Colonel of the Fund.

Commenting on legal issues, MSc Bui Phan Anh – lecturer in the Auction Department of the Judiciary Academy – said that the auction of license plates must be considered as an auctioned asset in accordance with the law on asset auctions. , divided into two phases. In which, stage 1 is an auction of state assets, following the order of the Law on Auction 2016. Phase 2 is an auction of private property, then the auction winner will be assigned to the auction winner. translation and transfer.

“If the winner of the license plate auction has the right to decide on the license plate – buy, sell, give… – it will create a trading market, stimulate the marketability, and increase the value of that number plate. At that time, Through the auction of license plates and license plate transfer tax, it will bring in a larger source of revenue,” Anh emphasized.

Many countries have been using it for a long time

Currently, many countries allow people to pay to buy beautiful license plates according to their wishes through online or in-person auctions.

In Malaysia, online license plate auctions have been popular for a long time. Buyers only need to log in to the Malaysian Road Traffic Authority’s online license plate auction system to check if the desired license plate has an owner or not. If not, the buyer must place an auction amount equal to or at least 5% higher than the asking price, and there is no limit to the price ceiling. The auction process lasts 5 days and participants are not allowed to withdraw their bids during the auction period. If the auction is won, the amount will be immediately deducted from the applicant’s credit card or the bank will refund the amount if the auction is unsuccessful.

In Canada, owners can transfer their favorite number plates from their old car to their new car to save money. In Singapore, the Road Transport Department will issue new license plates for free, but if registrants want a custom number plate, they must pay a minimum auction fee of $1,000.

In many countries such as Thailand, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), etc., the proceeds from the license plate auction are used for charity purposes, reconstruction of traffic infrastructure.


Colonel HAPPENEDDeputy Director of Traffic Police Department – Ministry of Public Security:

License plate “following for life”: Convenience for management

The proposed plan of the license plate “following for life” (ie banning trading and exchange) will be very convenient for determining who the car owner is, helping to improve the efficiency of state management.

Accordingly, the electronic registration and management system of the nationwide unified traffic police force will fulfill this requirement and ensure its operation according to the market mechanism, publicity, transparency, speed, and compliance with regulations. provisions of the law.

Grandma NGUYEN THI MAIDeputy Director of the Department of Judicial Assistance – Ministry of Justice:

Correct the law accordingly

Vehicle license plates are considered property according to Clause 7, Article 4 of the Law on Management and Use of Public Property 2017. If the license plate is considered public property, the auction will follow the order and procedures of the Law. Auction.

Regarding the proposal of the number plate winning the auction “following for life”, it is necessary to amend the law accordingly, otherwise there will be problems, because the current Road Traffic Law prohibits the sale and purchase of this item. How the right of the auctioneer will have to wait when the resolution is promulgated by the National Assembly.

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