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How to choose a shirt color that flatters your skin and flatters your figure

Undeniable, shirt It is the most important fashion item in the summer wardrobe. The shirt is elegant, but equally liberal and trendy. Perhaps this is the reason, shirts can be worn in many situations, from going out, going to work to attending a wedding party. Shirts are so popular, but many women are still quite confused in choosing, have not yet determined which style will help them. style most sublime. So let me tell you that when shopping for shirts, just based on the color, you will immediately choose a model that is both luxurious and flattering. Here are 5 shirt colors that deserve the most “out of pocket” in the summer, please pay attention to them all!

Charcoal blue shirt: Chic, flattering

Not that the shirt style is too prominent, but the charcoal green version still has a certain place in the hearts of the connoisseurs.

The advantage of a charcoal green shirt is that it is extremely easy to wear, making your skin look brighter, more ruddy, not dull. Charcoal green tone is always appreciated for its sophistication and smoothness, so it is more suitable for the office lady. When wearing a charcoal shirt, you should combine it with light-colored pants/skirts such as white, beige, denim blue…, the look will have a youthful appearance.

Blue-gray shirt: Chic, sophisticated

The gray-blue shirt is a very good candidate for the wardrobe. This shirt style is bright enough, youthful, but still elegant. Therefore, when wearing a gray-blue shirt, the smooth elegance of the outfit will also be upgraded. Blue gray shirt is not difficult to wear. However, in order not to be confused when mixing clothes, please pin a few recipes such as: blue gray shirt + black casual pants, gray blue shirt + white casual pants or blue gray shirt + skirt.. .

Beige shirt: Suitable for all skin tones

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Beige items are always popular with fashionistas, and in the summer, this type of outfit is even more reasonable. Among beige items, the shirt is the most worth buying. This shirt looks very light and delicate, helping to cool off in the hottest summer days. Shirts are suitable for many occasions, and will help you to have a youthful appearance, mixed with elegance. One more thing worth mentioning, beige shirt suits all skin tones, any girl can look good.

White shirt: Youthful, elegant

No matter how colorful your wardrobe is, do not ignore the most basic option is a white shirt. Young and elegant white shirt, not picky skin. This is also the type of shirt that women just need to combine in the simplest way, such as mixing with blue jeans, straight-leg trousers or long skirts, and still have a beautiful and stylish outfit.

Brown shirt: Skin tone, slim body

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Brown is often referred to as “du”. However, if you choose and mix & match wisely, brown clothes will help elevate the style very effectively. Buy yourself an oversized brown shirt, raw material, linen or silk. Next, women combine it with blue jeans, light-colored trousers/skirts, the overall outfit will not be old at all, on the contrary, it is still very luxurious, stylish and flattering. And yet, with the deep color, the brown shirt also creates the effect of a slimmer figure.

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