Inspectors ‘line’ violations in training masters and doctors at Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences

Deputy Inspector General of the Government Tran Ngoc Liem has just signed a document announcing the conclusion of the inspection of financial management, public assets, implementation of investment projects; organize research cooperation, training, joint training and grant of master’s and doctoral degrees of the Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences in the period 2015-2019.

Unqualified lecturers still ‘sitting’ on the master’s council

The conclusion said that the training of masters and doctoral degrees is interested and focused by this agency, annually training over 200 doctorates, over 1,000 masters of disciplines and specialties; contribute to providing quality human resources for the society. Recruitment, training, and training management from 2017 to now have basically complied with the State’s regulations.

However, the inspector’s conclusion also pointed out that, in the period 2015-2017, the training of masters and doctoral degrees of the Academy of Social Sciences still had many limitations and shortcomings in terms of enrollment, process, and training. training program and management.

Typically, the master’s training process lacks detailed regulations on subjects, exam conditions, conditions for thesis defense, seniority of work, lack of regulations on foreign language proficiency before thesis defense. ; does not issue a doctoral training program.

Regulations on enrollment and training for doctoral degrees lack regulations on management experience and seniority as required by each training discipline, and do not specify specific working hours. The notice of enrollment for the master’s degree does not specify the minimum number of years of experience, and there is no admission quota for each master’s major.

Inspection of violations in master's and doctoral training at the Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences - Photo 1.

The headquarters of the Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences is at 1 Lieu Giai (Photo: CTTDT of the Academy).

On the other hand, the master’s program lacks content on the output standards of each major; and in case the instructor exceeds the number of students at the same time; Students registered in this field but received a degree from another major. Lecturers are not eligible to participate in the Master’s Thesis Judging Committee. Some records of trainees in the training program are missing.

Regulations on the content of the training program are not complete with the number of courses, there are no elective courses at the doctoral level; The training program does not show enough credits for master’s degree holders and university degree holders…

“The shortcomings and mistakes of the previous period have been basically overcome by the academy,” said the Government Inspector.

Request to check the erasure of the allocation book by

In addition, TTCP also pointed out a number of other shortcomings after the inspection process such as: the number of PhD students overdue for training is still high; a number of applications for admission to the doctoral level do not score the application evaluation; the student profile does not have the instructor’s scientific background; Some students do not have the application form for admission, copies of published scientific articles.

“There is a PhD student who proposes a research topic that is not in the research list. The diploma book is also erased, corrected, and lacks information about the PhD student”- the conclusion clearly states.

The financial management has many shortcomings, violations, allowances for a number of titles, allowances for local officials not in accordance with regulations, the amount of over 750 million VND; using the state budget to spend wages on non-payroll contracts of over VND 1.2 billion; failing to deduct the reserve fund, set up the development fund, and record bank profits in contravention of regulations; under declaration of payable tax amount of nearly 2 billion dong.

The responsibility for the training of masters and doctoral degrees belongs to the leadership of the Academy in charge of training and the Academy of Social Sciences in the period 2015-2019.

The Government Inspector General proposed to the Prime Minister to direct the review and clarify the responsibilities of the VASS leadership team over time in the period 2015-2019.

“Require the Academy of Social Sciences to fully supplement the training process; examine and clarify cases of erasure and correction in the diploma granting books, handle according to regulations, if there are any violations”, the Government Inspector suggested.

The process of implementing many topics is not in accordance with the provisions of the Law on Science and Technology, the Regulation on scientific management. In which, there are 7 regular tasks according to the functions and tasks of the units and the Academy, but approved in the form of grassroots and ministerial-level projects, and the allocation of funds for implementation is unreasonable.

3 topics and tasks with no scientific contributions to society; 37 ministerial-level topics and tasks chaired by the Office have not been held at the grassroots level before the ministerial-level acceptance; 18 topics and tasks at ministerial level but not accepted at ministerial level.

In addition, 30 councils for the acceptance of ministerial-level scientific projects are not in the right composition; 55 ministerial-level scientific topics and tasks assigned to individuals outside of the leading unit; 67 councils for acceptance of grassroots-level scientific tasks, ministerial-level scientific tasks of the unit, based on the regulations on scientific management issued by the Academy, which have expired; 191 committees for acceptance of grassroots scientific tasks are not composed of the correct composition; 75 topics, testing and acceptance tasks behind schedule…

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