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Japan’s seafood exports to Russia face difficulties

Japan is one of the countries that imposes sanctions on Russia, so the seafood export of this country into Russia is even more difficult.

Japan’s latest package of sanctions against Russia includes a ban on imports of 38 types of goods from Russia, which took effect on April 19, but does not include a ban on seafood. However, this also does not make the import and export of Japanese seafood to Russia more favorable. Many Japanese aquarists have difficulty selling their products.

Suzuki Farm in Hiroshima, Southwest Japan specializes in oyster and black tiger shrimp farming. 40% of the farm’s exports abroad go to Russia. On average, every week, more than 10,000 scallops of the farm are transported by air to Moscow.

However, conflict in Ukraine The export of farm goods to Russia has been brought to a standstill. They no longer receive new orders from Russian importers.

“We can’t export to Russia anymore. I hope we can resume exports to Russia soon because this is our main market,” said Mr. Suzuki Takashi – Suzuki farm owner.

This situation is not only difficult for Mr. Takashi’s farm but also for aquaculture farmers and other seafood exporters who specialize in bringing goods to Russia and neighboring markets.

Mr. Akia Shibata – President of the National Resource Research Institute said: “The COVID-19 epidemic has disrupted the fragile global supply chain. Then there are the problems of high gasoline prices as well as climate change. Difficulties kept piling up, now the tension between Russia and Ukraine makes it even more difficult to export agricultural and aquatic products to these markets. resolved in the short term”.

Returning to the story of Mr. Takashi’s farm, now he has no other way to deal with the piles of seafood still piled up in the warehouse, but to look for new orders from other markets. alternative to the Russian market.

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