Knowing the 72 great techniques of Shaolin Temple, but Cuu Ma Tri lost to Vo Danh god, why?

Many fans of Kim Dung’s swordplay novels will think that it’s natural for Cuu Ma Tri to defeat Vo Danh god, because Vo Danh Than tank is the number 1 master in Thien Long Bat Bo.

Such a master was of course not someone Kuma Zhi could deal with. However, Cuu Ma Tri is also not an ordinary person, his martial arts are among the masters in the Thien Long Bat Bo. Moreover, Cuu Ma Tri also has many similarities with the godless monk when he holds 72 great techniques of Shaolin Temple.

Knowing the 72 great techniques of Shaolin Temple, but Cuu Ma Tri lost to Vo Danh god, why?  - Photo 1.

Cuu Ma Tri alone went to Thien Long Tu to fight with 6 high monks to steal the Luc circuit of the divine sword. (Photo: Baidu)

Cuu Ma Tri is Dai Luan Minh Vuong and is also the guardian shaman of Tho Phien. Cuu Ma Tri is proficient in both Buddhism and martial arts. Cuu Ma Tri’s martial arts are extremely high, more intelligent than people, and have read it and won’t forget it. Since childhood, Cuu Ma Tri’s strength has been classified as one of the four great Thien dragons.

Cuu Ma Tri has an obsession with martial arts and always wants to become the strongest martial artist in the world. So he tried to get the Six Circuits of the Divine Sword, the 72 Great Techniques of the Shaolin Temple, and the Little General of the Tieu Dao Sect.

In terms of strength, Cuu Ma Tri is excellent, although he has never killed any enemies, he dared to go alone to Thien Long Temple to “rob” the secret of the Six Circuits of the Divine Sword. Cuu Ma Tri challenged with 6 high monks of the temple and consecutively won 3 great masters, namely Kho Vinh, Ban Nhan, and Ban Tuong. This achievement was enough to establish Cuu Ma Tri’s status as one of the great martial arts masters.

It can be said that Cuu Ma Tri’s fighting strength surpasses Murong Bo and Tieu Vien Son, and can even catch up with Kieu Phong. Cuu Ma Tri is also younger than Murong Bo, Tieu Vien Son and Wu Yazi and not much older than Kieu Phong.

Knowing the 72 great techniques of Shaolin Temple, but Cuu Ma Tri lost to Vo Danh god, why?  - Photo 2.

The nameless god rose with an invisible wall of true qi that smashed the sneak attack of Cumama Tri. (Photo: Baidu)

If you exclude the age factor and the aura of the main character, Cuu Ma Tri can be classified as the first master. He and the monk Vo Danh Mon both knew the 72 Shaolin Temple techniques, although in appearance, the techniques that Cuu Ma Tri used were performed by using Xiao signless public. Therefore, Cuu Ma Tri is not really adept at the 72 great techniques of the Shaolin Temple like the godless monk.

Cuu Ma Tri’s understanding of Buddhism and martial arts is far inferior to that of the godless monk. But through the episode Cuu Ma Tri sneaked out to sneak attack on Vo Danh god monk, but hit the invisible gas wall of the sweeping monk and the palm power he hit was immediately destroyed. This proves that Cuu Ma Tri’s attack has a huge flaw. And Cuu Ma Tri is not an opponent of the nameless god monk at all. Because except for the godless monk, no one could easily ignore Cuu Ma Tri’s sneak attack. This shows even more clearly the gap between the nameless god and the other players.

Maybe, for many years to come, if Cuu Ma Tri practiced diligently, he would still be able to catch up with the godless monk. Unfortunately, he did not cultivate to the right place, misunderstood the well to be dry, so he was possessed by a pipe fire because of wrong practice of 72 Shaolin techniques and was eventually absorbed by Duan Yu with the Northern Lights.

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