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Laos is expected to fully reopen in May

International border gates are expected to open completely, arrivals do not need to declare health.

In the latest meeting, the Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism announced the proposal to completely open the country’s borders from the beginning of May. According to Mr. Nguyen Huu Bac, in charge of the Vietnamese tourist market in Laos of China. PhucGroup International Travel Center, it is expected that Vietnamese tourists can go on a tour from May 15.

Laos welcomes all international tourists to visit in the form of self-sufficient travel and tour.  Photo: Discovery Laos

Pha That Luang Buddha Stupa in Vientiane is one of the most popular tourist attractions. Image: Discovery Laos

According to the proposal, international visitors to Laos must receive two full doses of the vaccine at least 14 days before entry, or a certificate of recovery from Covid-19. These people and children under 5 years of age do not need pre-arrival PCR testing. Those who have not been vaccinated must have a PCR test certificate performed within 72 hours and a rapid test upon entry.

After arriving in Laos, guests must do a quick test by medical staff, the time to wait for the results is no more than an hour. If positive, the guest must follow the prescribed precautions. For those who have not been fully vaccinated, even if the results are negative, they still need to be isolated for seven days.

Visitors must purchase health or life insurance, with coverage of at least $10,000. Regulations on epidemic prevention include wearing masks in public places, keeping a distance, and regularly washing hands with soap and water. Guests also need to monitor their health; Get tested right away if you have any symptoms. If the test results are positive, guests need to notify the property so that the hotel can notify the local health department.

Mr. Minh (According to The Star)

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