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“Miss Tay Thi” in Hanoi’s old quarter, the dream of many young masters, and her disappearance shocked the neighborhood

The beauty of “Tay Thi” in Hanoi’s Old Quarter

In the mid-30s of the last century, Ha Thanh people all knew the “Four Great Beauties” of the old town including: Ms. Phuong Hang Ngang, Ms. Siu Cot Co, Ms. Nga Hang Gai and Ms. Binh Hang Day. They are all young women with such beauty and popularity that they have captivated the hearts of many gentlemen with high academic qualifications, high degrees, pompous princes, writers – amorous journalists.

Ms. Phuong Hang Ngang, whose real name is Vuong Thi Phuong, is known as the Kieu girl of the old town, the Tay Thi girl of Hanoi’s old town. She is the pet daughter of merchant Vuong Toan Thang, a rich silk merchant in the old town.

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Beauty makes “Tay Thi terrified, Hang Nga startled” by Ms. Phuong.

Since she was born, Ms. Phuong has owned a soft and white skin like a peeled egg, soft body, delicate face. It is said that she has eyebrows like smoke clouds, eyes “semi-smiling phoenix” ie dreamy eyes like a phoenix half awake and half asleep.

Ms. Phuong often wears camisole flowers, purple pants and waist belts. Many contemporary writers and journalists, when they met Phuong’s face, had to say: “Tay Thi was shocked, Hang Nga was startled”.

Not only is her beauty infatuated with people, from a young age she has proved to be a smart, bright person who knows enough to hold the drawing exam. That is why, so many princes wish and challenge to marry her. Because of this, the life of a beauty has turned in a completely different direction.

The marriage is full of injustice, leaving her husband for her lover

When his daughter reached the age of marriage, merchant Vuong Toan Thang decided to marry Ms. Phuong to A Dau, the granddaughter of a bourgeois silk merchant in Hang Dao Street. At her husband’s house, she was wholeheartedly pampered by her husband’s family, especially when she gave birth to a son for the first time.

She didn’t have to worry about her clothes coming to the house to take care of her house. She had a prosperous life, serving as a servant, but the eyes of a beauty could not hide her sorrow.

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From a marriage like a grave, Phuong’s life later was full of tragedies.

The first husband folded his arms and knees and did not love Miss Phuong at all. He considers marrying her only as a “trophy” to show off to his friends, an expensive ornament for his wealth. This husband is also clumsy, even brute force when he is ready to raise his legs and lower his forearms with his wife if there is anything frustrating. I don’t know how many nights “she Tay Thi” had to cry because her husband blatantly “girly” in front of her.

In the midst of boredom, an ironic fate brought her to meet a handsome, elegant and talented Westerner. That’s journalist Hoang Tich Chu, son of Binh Luc district (Ha Nam). The beautiful woman surnamed Vuong was determined to leave her family to find love for herself.

In 1927, Hanoi was shocked by the news of Miss Phuong Hang Ngang’s disappearance. Later, it was discovered that she had run away from home and followed her lover to Saigon.

However, the beautiful love story did not last long when Tich Chu chose to temporarily put her love aside to study in France because she could not take her with her. He had to ask her to go back to Bac Ninh to find his family, but Tich Chu’s father did not agree, so he sent someone to take Phuong to apologize to her husband’s family to return. But A Dau’s family refused to accept the daughter-in-law who left home with this boy.

Lost life, crazy at the end

At this time, the businessman Vuong Toan Thang and his wife had both passed away, and Ms. Phuong had to wander around doing business to support herself. Then her business was also destroyed by the wife of a man who once fell in love with her.

Along the way, she returned to Hung Yen, and asked to take refuge in the Buddha’s door at a temple here. At this temple, she met the last man of her life. Fascinated by Phuong’s beauty when he met her while sightseeing at the temple, the Counselor at the Mission named Bach asked to marry her as a concubine.

Bach’s first wife is sweet on the outside, but behind is a malicious plot behind. On the day Bach was transferred to Lai Chau, the eldest woman sent someone to poison Phuong, causing her to go crazy, sometimes awake and sometimes in a coma. Bach and his wife then kicked her out of the house, she wandered to Gia Lam and found her old neighbor’s house. Although she was poor, she took care of her. When the beauty’s illness got worse, she took her to the hospital. A week later, the beauty of the old town passed away,

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One of the four great beauties of Ha Thanh could not escape the life of a silver face.

The funeral of the beautiful Ha Thanh was just a coffin with no one to see off. Phuong’s whole life has made many men fall in love, but when she died, only one old lover took pity on her, and carved a stele for her with the title: “Tomb of the unlucky person Vuong Thi Phuong”.


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