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My girlfriend broke up because I fell in love with a trainee

Same-sex lover 32 years old, two years older than me. Both have stable jobs and have been in love for five years.

I love my girlfriend very much and she pampers me too. We moved in together since we first met, happy because our families both support this love. The girlfriend has wanted to study abroad for a long time, but only this year has accumulated enough money to go to the place she dreams of and will go at the end of the year. I promised to wait for her to come back after school. From the moment we met, my girlfriend talked about my long-standing dream.

Gradually, the company has an intern eight years younger than me, she is very smart and agile. At first, I considered her as my sister, guiding the internship, sometimes asking her to help me with some tasks. I am ready to guide you, sometimes chatting on the sidelines is quite comfortable and fun. Maybe I like you a bit in some way. The two still talk about work, I instruct her in some things for her to help me through text messages and emails. My girlfriend knows that I often text her, once she asked me to show her the message, I deleted it before because I didn’t want my girlfriend to see it.

>> Love the third person sincerely

I’m sure me and that little girl have nothing to hide. I don’t deny that I like you, so I told my girlfriend about it, but now I don’t like it anymore, that feeling passed very quickly. My girlfriend wants to break up because she thinks I’m out of love. She repeatedly scolded me for being a cheater, texting me with offensive words and words. I still love her so much that I gritted my teeth and endured it for three months now. Every day I always feel guilty because I feel guilty. Please advise, should I pursue my girlfriend again and will she forgive me?


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