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My wife went missing, I hated it so I locked the bedroom

I used to have a very happy marriage, my husband and I lived together for 4 years. Until one day his wife suddenly leave the mystery and leave her signed divorce papers. I hate my wife so much, I don’t call, I don’t want to go look. At that time, I swore that I would never marry again in my life. I hated my wife so much that I locked the couple’s wedding room.

After a while, the wound in my heart was also soothed, I also gradually forgot the pain and decided to file for a unilateral divorce. Then I got a new girlfriend and next week our wedding.

The other day, in my spare time at home, I cleaned the bedroom that had been locked for 2 years. I removed all of my ex-wife’s belongings, and replaced them with all new ones. While opening my ex-wife’s wardrobe, I discovered a red bag, opened it to see a lot of money and a wet paper with tears in my eyes.

Number saving money The couple’s 1 billion is still intact, she did not take a single penny. Reading the letter left by my ex-wife, I learned that she could not bear children, could not stand the pressure of both families, so she decided to free her husband. But for so long, I always think of my wife take the money away follow another man.

My ex-wife left with empty hands, because she thought that I would have a family in the future, had to spend a lot, and needed money. And she lives alone, it doesn’t cost much.

My tears fell on the letter, blurring the words on it. My ex-wife was too kind to me, but I didn’t understand but only hated her.

I called Lan – my fiancée to come to clear my ex-wife’s innocence. After reading the letter, Lan also shed a lot of tears, she said that my ex-wife is really good. She also advised me to find an ex-wife to mend their love. Lan said deep inside, she still sees me love ex-wife great number of.

My heart is confused, I don’t know how to solve this, everyone?

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