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Netflix removes the duchess’s “blockbuster” anime project

On May 1, the Daily Mail reported, the online giant Netflix decided to scrap the animated series project called “Pearl” of Meghan Markle. This move comes after Netflix was forced to suspend a number of projects due to a serious drop in the number of subscribers to this online service.

Along with “Pearl,” Netflix also dropped “Dino Daycare” and “Boons and Curses” last week, the children’s series in production. The Sussexes signed a £112 million deal with Netflix in early 2021 but so far they have not provided any official production to the giant.

Last summer, Meghan introduced the “Pearl” project to the world. This is an animated series about a 12-year-old girl on her journey to discover the famous women of history.

Meghan received a painful shock: Netflix removed the

Meghan Markle has been stopped by Netflix for a project.

Like many girls her age, our heroine Pearl is on a journey of self-discovery, trying to overcome life’s challenges. I’m delighted that Archewell Productions is partnering with Netflix to bring this new animated series that celebrates extraordinary women in history.“, said Meghan.

Reportedly, “Pearl” co-produced by Archewell Productions with filmmaker David Furnish, husband of musician Elton John, is currently in development. Meghan and her husband founded Archewell Productions in the fall of 2020 in an effort to create scripted series, documentaries, documentaries and children’s shows.

Hollywood sources confirmed to The Sun that Meghan’s animated series has been paused. However, insiders insist Netflix is ​​still optimistic about the partnership with the Sussex family. The two sides will continue to accompany each other in other projects.

The Sussexes’ current hopes are on the Olympic series Invictus, produced by Prince Harry, which will air on Netflix in the not too distant future. However, many people think that Netflix’s removal of the “Pearl” project is a painful shock for Meghan.

Meghan received a painful shock: Netflix removed the

Meghan Markle received a painful shock.

The Duchess of Sussex is always proud and believes that the projects she undertakes are of international stature, having a profound impact on people. However, this is the first time she has been canceled by a major partner on a project that Meghan is so passionate about. The Sussexes have not yet commented on this information.

Many network users commented that Netflix must have realized that the development potential of the “Pearl” project was not what they expected, so they decided to stop everything. It is clear that it is time for the big men to look at the real capabilities of Meghan and her husband. Because it’s always easier said than done.

Source: Daily Mail, The Sun do-it-yourself

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