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New traffic monitoring system – “save” to avoid congestion for drivers in Australia

Traffic jam at Civic, on the outskirts of Canberra. (Photo: The Canberra Times)

Traffic congestion is always an obsession of many big cities around the world. And in the context of the price of gasoline is at a record high, having to incline every centimeter on the road at rush hour will make no driver happy.

Traffic monitoring system Australia’s new system will alert drivers to the fastest routes, reducing the possibility of congestion points.

The Canberra regional government says the new traffic monitoring system is a combination of Bluetooth sensors and new intersection cameras installed in “strategic locations” where disruptions are likely to occur. disruption and congestion.

At the data processing center, the control staff will monitor the vehicle’s travel time using the Bluetooth signal they emit when going through the intersection.

New traffic monitoring system - a lifeline to avoid congestion for drivers in Australia - Photo 1.

Traffic jam at rush hour in Canberra. (Photo: The Canberra Times)

“It’s a good way to plan ahead, so authorities understand where the pressure points are they need to work on,” said Peter Khoury, a spokesman for the Australian National Roads and Vehicles Association. Making that information available to the public in real time will help people plan before they get behind the wheel.”

It is expected that the Canberra government will launch a plan to build a new light rail system and this will make traffic in the Australian capital more difficult over the next four years.

Experts say that, with two of the main roads about to be closed for the construction of phase 2 light rail system in the capital Canberra, the new monitoring system could be a lifesaver for those driving during off-hours.

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