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Ngo Thanh Van tries on a wedding dress

Actor Ngo Thanh Van chooses a wedding dress of a famous brand, preparing for the wedding on May 8 in Da Nang.

“Fucking women” flew to Hanoi to work with a fashion company that imported famous international wedding brands. Ngo Thanh Van Ask the makeup artist Nam Trung to accompany her to advise her on the right dress model. The artist tried on the available designs, bursting into tears when she found an outfit that fit just like her.

Ngo Thanh Van tries on a wedding dress.  Photo: VAA Agency

Ngo Thanh Van tries on a wedding dress. Image: VAA Agency

The actor said: “When choosing a shirt, I feel nauseous and happy because I see the dresses are meticulously cared for as a blessing from the artists who want to send to the girl on the most important day of her life.”

Before that, she also took wedding photos with costume Classical style by Chanel and Tran Hung designed at a studio in Binh Duong. Wedding by Ngo Thanh Van and Huy Tran held on May 8 at a resort in Da Nang, with only friends and relatives on both sides of the family.

Makeup artist Nam Trung (right) helps Ngo Thanh Van choose a wedding dress.  Photo: VAA Agency

Makeup artist Nam Trung (right) helps Ngo Thanh Van choose a wedding dress. Image: VAA Agency

In March, the actor announced information engagement with her overseas Vietnamese boyfriend – Huy Tran – after two years of dating. The artist said:Huy Tran very patient, strong, that’s what I always look for in a partner. I am happy that I chose the right person. In addition, he is honest, kind, full of love for everything around him. The time has come, I need to step into the next chapter in my life which is ‘family’.

Ngo Thanh Van used to be a singer before working in the film industry. She was nicknamed “beating woman” after the success of the movie Heroic Blood (2007), co-starring Johnny Tri Nguyen. In the 2010s, she turned to film production and had many works such as: Tam Cam: The Untold Story, Co Ba Saigon. 2019 movie Hai Phuong produced and starred by her more than 200 billion VNDis the best-selling Vietnamese work of all time and is about to be released soon Wolf Bar.

Huy Tran is 11 years younger than Ngo Thanh Van. He was born in Germany, graduated from GPB Berlin, majoring in import and export. Huy Tran is known to the audience through the program Who is that. By the middle of 2019, he continued to participate in the show Amazing race. Currently, he is the owner of a German restaurant in Ho Chi Minh City.

Trailer 'Thanh Wolf' by Ngo Thanh Van

Trailer of the movie “Thanh Wolf” by Ngo Thanh Van. Video: VAA Agency

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