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On holiday, eat hot pot, don’t make this mistake to avoid getting sick

Eating too hot, too spicy or dipping undercooked food are some potential health risks when eating hot pot.

On holidays and Tet, eating hot pot is the choice of many families. Hot pot is dish Synthesize many types of food, so hot pot ingredients are also very rich, depending on the type of hot pot and the taste of the user.

According to Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Duy Thinh, former officer of the Institute of Food and Biotechnology, Hanoi University of Science and Technology, hot pot is just an ordinary dish like any other dish. It does not cause the disease by itself, but the way the user eats and uses the ingredients creates the disease.

On holiday, eat hot pot, don't make this mistake to avoid getting sick-1

Eating hot pot in the wrong way can be harmful to health. Illustrations

Here are some habits of eating hot pot with potential health risks, users should note:

Giving too much satay, MSG

When making hot pot sauce, many people often have the habit of adding a lot of MSG to make the broth juicy and rich or adding too much satay to increase the pungent, bold flavor of the hot pot. However, this is a very harmful habit for health.

Satay is actually chili powder distilled with oil, water and some other spices. If you eat too much satay hotpot, the sour and spicy taste will affect the stomach lining, causing harm to this digestive organ.

Eat too hot

When eating hot pot, we often let the food boil continuously, making the food temperature always hot. Immediately picking up vegetables and meat from the hot pot, not waiting for it to cool enough, and putting it in the mouth can lead to burns of the oral mucosa because the mouth usually can only withstand a temperature of about 50 degrees Celsius.

Furthermore, swallowing hot food can also cause acute gastritis or acute esophagitis.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has also warned of the risks when consuming drinks and foods that are too hot. According to WHO, the use of hot food above 65 degrees Celsius also increases the risk of esophageal cancer, cancer of the oral cavity and oropharynx.

Dip the pale, red items

Many people believe that eating rare meat will make the food sweeter and more nutritious. Experts say this is a dangerous habit.

Undercooked food can contain many bacteria and parasites, which are extremely harmful to the digestive system. Especially with animal organs, the more they should be cooked.

Eating for too long

Many people often have the habit of sitting next to the hot pot, eating and chatting. However, sitting down to eat for a few hours causes the stomach to work continuously because the gastric juices, bile, and pancreas must secrete a lot and continuously to process the amount of food loaded into the body. Therefore, eating for a long time can easily cause abdominal pain, digestive disorders …

On holiday, eat hot pot, don't make this mistake to avoid getting sick-2
Eating hot pot too hot for too long affects the oral mucosa and digestive organs. Illustration

Moreover, eating hot pot for a long time and letting the water boil for too long causes the nitric content to increase. In addition, vitamins and nutrients are also decomposed, and fats are also saturated, which is harmful to the body. To ensure the taste and safety for the body, it is better to change the hot pot after 60 minutes.

Notes when eating hot pot

To ensure the safety of health, Experts recommend, when eating hot pot, should choose vegetables that are easy to eat and healthy because hot pot often combines many foods, so it is easy to cause poisoning if incompatible. Some benign vegetables are often used when eating hot pot such as: cabbage, bok choy, water spinach, chrysanthemum, perilla …

Besides vegetables, there are also meats such as beef, pork or seafood. When buying meat and seafood, it is essential to choose fresh produce. Absolutely avoid old, rancid meat. In addition, when buying, must be washed and then marinated with spices.

The “immutable” principle to remember when eating hot pot is “eating cooked and drinking boiling” to achieve the best sterilization effect, avoiding worms and flukes that are harmful to the body.

Do not eat too sour or spicy because these are scary “enemies” of the stomach as well as the digestive organs.

Do not eat hot pot for a long time (3-4 hours), should only eat in 2 hours, if possible, it is best to change the hot pot after 60 minutes.

With a hot pot containing shellfish such as shrimp, clam, snail … should not be combined with vegetables containing a lot of vitamin C such as tomatoes, bitter melon … because it is easy to cause poisoning.

With hot pot containing beef, it is best not to eat it with spinach because it will lose its laxative properties, leading to poor digestion. In particular, people with constipation if eating these two foods together will make the disease worse.

Who should limit eating hot pot?

– People with stomach pain: When processing hot pot, there are often satay chili, lemongrass, ginger … to increase the attractiveness. In addition, in the condiment to dip the hot pot, there are always chili and spices. Therefore, for people with stomach pain, do not eat hot pot much. Spicy and hot spices will make the stomach hurt again.

Pregnant women: There are many hot and spicy spices in hot pot, which are not good for the fetus. Therefore, pregnant women should not eat hot pot too spicy.

– People with diabetes, high blood pressure, blood fat, rheumatism should limit or should not eat fatty hotpots (seafood hotpot, heart hot pot…)

– People with chronic pharyngitis, stomatitis, bleeding gums should limit eating hot pot to avoid aggravation.

– People who are allergic to mushrooms should also avoid eating hotpot containing mushrooms because it will cause dizziness, shortness of breath and nausea when eating.

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