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Poland wants the EU to give a specific time to stop importing oil from Russia

Poland wants the EU to give a specific time to stop importing oil from Russia - Photo 1.

Polish Climate Minister Anna Moskwa (left) discusses the European energy situation in Belgium in February 2022 – Photo: REUTERS

“We want this package (sanctions) to include specific dates and requirements, clear to all (members) countries to be a complete (sanctions) package without any loopholes.” come on,” Mrs. Moskwa said on May 2.

According to Reuters news agency, the Minister of Moskwa also said that Poland is ready for complete independence from oil of Russia, and will assist other countries in cutting off fossil fuel supplies from Russia. Ms. Moskwa said Poland is ready to help Germany stop using Russian oil.

Ms. Moskwa also confirmed that Poland’s gas reserves will be filled for the winter.

Poland and Bulgaria are receiving gas from neighboring EU countries, after the two countries received notice of the cessation of gas supply from Russian energy company Gazprom.

At the end of April, Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said that Poland’s gas storage facilities are 76% full, and that the country also has other necessary supplies besides the Yamal pipeline under the gas contract. Burning is being discontinued with Gazprom.

In March, Russian President Vladimir Putin demanded that EU countries pay for gas in rubles instead of dollars, in retaliation for Western sanctions over Moscow’s “special operation” in Ukraine.

Meanwhile, on May 2, Germany said it was ready to support a Russian oil ban, but insisted that this step must be carefully prepared and also need to take into account the dependence of EU member states. different from Russian supplies.

The EU is drafting a sixth package of sanctions against Russia, including a ban on oil imports from Moscow according to a schedule that will take effect from the end of this year.

In a related development, Reuters quoted two EU officials as saying that the European Commission may exempt Hungary and Slovakia from the above embargo because these two countries are heavily dependent on Russian oil.

Earlier, Hungary had said it would protest if the embargo was announced.

Overall, 26% of the EU’s oil is imported from Russia, although the levels vary from member to member. Slovakia and Hungary will import 96% and 58% of oil and petroleum products from Russia, respectively, in 2021, according to the International Energy Agency (IEA).

Russian oil is included in the 6th package of EU sanctions Russian oil is included in the 6th EU sanctions package

TTO – Some diplomatic sources say that the European Union (EU) will propose a step-by-step ban on Russian oil in a new package of sanctions. The ban could take effect by the end of the year.

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