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Safe sex during the holidays-Health and life

Sunday, May 1, 2022 21:00 PM (GMT+7)

During the long holiday, many families and couples have carefully prepared for trips with blue sea, white sand, and sunshine. In that romantic setting, sex seems to be indispensable. But what to do to have better and safer sex while traveling?

When you’re on vacation, you’re not pressured or distracted by work and many other daily responsibilities. Peace of mind and relaxation, new scenery no longer feels boring. At this point, sex is a great way to enjoy a relaxing time.

1. If possible, get tested for sexually transmitted diseases

Sexually transmitted diseases are on the rise. So, to have a truly memorable vacation, if possible, check for STIs before you go.

Many people don’t know they have STIs and unknowingly spread them to their partners. By getting tested, you’ll know your STI status and can take proactive steps to prevent spreading STIs to others.

In addition, talking to your partner about sex can reveal information that helps you make decisions about sexual activity to reduce your risk of catching or spreading STIs.

Safe sex during the holiday - 1

Get tested for sexually transmitted diseases to prevent infection.

2. Be clear about consent

It’s important to be able to give and get consent before any touching takes place. Just because someone has “the green light” doesn’t mean you don’t need more consent. But remember, it’s important to hear it from your partner clearly and unequivocally. If your partner is in a drunken state, it’s time not to have sex. If the language barrier makes you uncertain, don’t engage in sexual behavior either…

3. Carry and use condoms during sex

Barriers to sexual intercourse aim to prevent direct contact between each partner’s genitals by limiting contact with bodily fluids. The most common ways to have safe sex are to use latex condoms (outside) and inner condoms (female condoms). A condom is a barrier worn over the penis during intercourse and an inner condom is placed inside the vaginal canal before vaginal sex.

When having sex, you should wear a condom from the time you have sex until the man ejaculates. Doing this helps limit direct contact with secretions and sperm during sex, so it prevents pregnancy and prevents sexually transmitted diseases. Therefore, condoms are indispensable items in every trip.

Safe sex during the holidays - 3

Condoms are an indispensable item in every trip.

4. Non-contact sexual activity

In addition to the use of condoms, contactless sexual activities are sexual experiences that do not include physical contact, which excludes the possibility of fluid transmission. Examples of contactless sexual behaviors include phone sex, texting sex, mutual masturbation, and cyber sex. In fact, during travel, contactless sex is difficult to perform.

5. Non-penetrating sexual activities

Non-invasive sexual activities such as intercourse, hand and finger touching limit partners’ contact with each other’s bodily fluids, reducing the chance of sexually transmitted diseases (compared to sexual activities) high-risk sex such as vaginal, oral or anal). However, practicing non-penetrating sex does not protect against sexually transmitted diseases transmitted by skin-to-skin contact, such as herpes or syphilis.

6. Don’t have sex right after taking a shower

After a bath, especially a hot bath, the body loses some of its heat, and during intense sexual activity, it is possible to continue to lose energy. This will have a negative impact on health.

After bathing, the body’s organs will be in a state of rest and relaxation. If you start to enter “love” immediately, it will cause the body to change state, strain and expend a lot of energy, causing fatigue.

In addition, bathing with hot water before sex also causes a decrease in libido. At this time, the capillaries on the skin dilate, blood concentrates more at the surface of the skin, causing the nerves to receive less signals. If you have sex at this time, it will make the sex organs not supplied with the necessary amount of blood, making it difficult for men to get an erection, and women to lose their sense of excitement.

7. Don’t have sex when you’re too full

Vacations include delicious and nutritious meals. Therefore, it is necessary to follow the principle of not having sex when eating too much. Because when you eat full, the food is still full in the stomach, the digestive system is working continuously. At this time, if you go to bed and have sex, it will affect digestion, not conducive to food absorption.

8. Don’t have sex after drinking alcohol

Drinking alcohol will increase male excitement, but if you abuse alcohol, it will reduce sex drive, leading to premature ejaculation, impotence and physiological decline.

Alcohol reduces testosterone, the male sex hormone that maintains sexual desire. Immediately after drinking alcohol, having sex immediately will cause premature ejaculation. Sex at this time, the toxins in alcohol can also affect the quality of sperm and if you intend to become pregnant, there is a risk of affecting the fetus.

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