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“Stunned” with the 59-year-old appearance of Trieu Man, the most beautiful woman on the screen

Recently, on my personal page, Diep Dong Post on your personal page a video recording the scene of playing an electric guitar. In the video, the Hong Kong actress wears a white T-shirt, has short white hair and no makeup.

  Stunned with her 59-year-old appearance, Trieu Man is the worst on the screen - Photo 1.

Latest pictures of Diep Dong

Many people were shocked because they could not recognize Diep Dong. According to them, beauty Ỷ Heavenly Do Dragon Sign skinny, lifeless, old, wrinkled, no longer the aura of a celebrity. Someone expressed regret because Diep Dong represents the memory of a generation.The video quickly attracted the attention of Chinese netizens because Diep Dong rarely appeared. A lively discussion “exploded” related to the 59-year-old appearance of the once-popular “poster image”.

Many netizens criticized and regretted Diep Dong’s “deteriorating” appearance.

However, many people objected that Diep Dong was in fact nearing the age of 60, aging is common sense. Fans praised the actress for having a good spirit, old age but not old thinking, still trying to find joy in life by learning to play electric guitar. Some pointed out, Diep Dong may not be as young and beautiful as many other stars of the same age, but her smile is natural and sweet, better than the stiff faces caused by cosmetic interventions to hold back her youth.

Some people also praised Diep Dong’s hairstyle very “cool”. According to them, that hair was intentionally dyed by the actress, not because of bad health, so the whole head was white because the black hairline could still be seen in the old photo a few months ago.

Some people believe that Diep Dong’s gray hair is dyed, not natural.

A part of netizens also directly called Diep Dong’s co-star in “Bach Nuong Tu Truyen Ky” in 1992 as Trieu Nha Chi. They believe that, compared to Diep Dong who is aging naturally, Trieu Nha Chi is unusual when she refuses to age even though she is 68 years old.

Actress Trieu Nha Chi was called for her name because she refused to grow old

Diep Dong, whose real name is Ly Tu Tu, was born in 1963 in an ordinary family in Hong Kong (China). She entered showbiz at the age of 16. Possessing a tall appearance (1m72) with a pretty face and personality, Diep Dong quickly caught the eye of directors in the entertainment village of Cang Thom.

Diep Dong when he was young

Diep Dong is famous through his works Burning Youth (starring with Truong Quoc Vinh), Let’s Make Laugh, The Legend of Bach Niang Tu (playing Hua Tien, paired with Trieu Nha Chi), Ỷ Heavenly Do Dragon Sign Taiwan version 1994 (as Zhao Min), Hoa Binh Restaurant (starring with Chau Nhuan Phat)…

In the 1980s and 1990s, Diep Dong was one of the most popular actresses in Cang Thom. Although her appearance is not too outstanding, in exchange for her good acting, diverse transformations, she was recognized with the title of “Best Actress” at the Hong Kong Film Awards.

Diep Dong is most famous for playing the role of Hua Tien in “Bach Nuong Tu Truyen Ky” with “Bach To Trinh” Trieu Nha Chi.

She also starred in Ỷ Heavenly Do Dragon Sign Taiwan version in 1994. The acting was highly appreciated, but Diep Dong was criticized as the poorest Trieu Man on the Chinese screen.

Regarding her private life, Diep Dong married director Tran Quoc Hy in 1988 after 8 years of love. The husband is the one who supported the beauty when she was just a toddler. However, their married life was not complete. The two have no children, the director surnamed Tran has many times been entangled in adultery scandals, indifference to his wife.

Diep Dong at the wedding with Tran Quoc Hy

Currently, Diep Dong can no longer maintain the same reputation as before. She “disappeared” gradually in the entertainment industry, only occasionally taking on supporting roles in film projects. She has also been criticized many times for her old, degrading appearance, and dirty clothes.

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