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The beautiful house of MC Quyen Linh and his beautiful wife with a brilliant rose garden “causes nostalgia”

MC Quyen Linh is one of the multi-talented artists of Vietnamese showbiz when he is both a movie actor, comedian, theater artist… He is also a show host favored by many fans with the name called “National MC”. From 1992 until now, MC Quyen Linh has acted in hundreds of movies and TV shows, and has also played the role of MC of many hit game shows such as: Happy family, Lucky supermarket, No one’s story, You want to date…

Only program Surpass yourself Directed by MC Quyen Linh and MC won 5 Mai Vang awards from 2005 – 2008. Nam MC is also one of the artists who won the most Mai Vang awards ever with a total of 6. prize.

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In addition to an advanced artistic career, MC Quyen Linh makes colleagues and audiences admire for his happy life with his wife Da Thao and two beautiful daughters. It is known that MC Quyen Linh’s family lives in a white villa in Phuoc Kieng residential area, District 7, City. HCM. The entire luxury house of the family with a value of more than 20 billion VND was conceived by wife MC Quyen Linh herself in the European style. The nest of “National MC” is designed in a modern but still very cozy manner.

What’s inside MC Quyen Linh’s beautiful house?

MC Quyen Linh’s beautiful house with simple, elegant interior style. According to the MC’s wife, the nest was designed by her in the form of a garden with many types of infrared, a garden of vegetables and fruit trees.

MC Quyen Linh once humorously compared his garden to a miniature film set in a rural setting. Nam MC said that since he was a child, he has lived with rivers and gardens, so he wants his children to enjoy the feeling of the countryside.

MC Quyen Linh's beautiful house and his beautiful wife own a

MC Quyen Linh personally picked “home grown” roses. (Photo: FB Nguyen Da Thao)

Inside the beautiful house of MC Quyen Linh, there are also many potted plants to increase the green space. He installed glass windows to look out at the outdoor campus filled with flowers and green trees. (Photo: FB Nguyen Da Thao)

While MC Quyen Linh actively participates in volunteer activities, his wife Da Thao takes on a solid “background” role. She stays at home to take care of her two beautiful daughters and the family’s rooftop garden. The image of family members of MC Quyen Linh hand-harvesting: guava, toad, sapodilla, pomegranate… at the rooftop garden makes fans admire.

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MC Quyen Linh’s beautiful house has a rooftop garden that is actively planted by family members with a variety of colorful fruits, vegetables and roses. (Photo: FB Nguyen Da Thao)

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MC Quyen Linh’s family members manually harvest pomelos, melons, lemons, cucumbers… (Photo: FB Nguyen Da Thao)

Sharing a picture of Cinderella (MC Quyen Linh’s eldest daughter – PV) harvesting cherry tomatoes laden with fruit, MC Quyen Linh’s wife said: “Cinderella is very excited when harvesting cherry tomatoes in her garden. This is a fruit that our whole family loves very much..Mother Thao takes the seeds from 1 ripe red cherry tomato (bought at the supermarket), sows it in the ground; when the plant flowers, fertilizes with slow-release chicken manure (from Australia). ); daily watering…

The tree is extremely fruity, has been harvested for the past few months, especially the crunchy, sweet fruit. Thao’s mother feels happy because of this achievement.”

MC Quyen Linh's beautiful house and his beautiful wife own a

Cinderella taken by her mother in her garden is enough to make it difficult for the opposite person to take their eyes off. (Photo: FBNV)

MC Quyen Linh's beautiful house and his beautiful wife own a

MC Quyen Linh’s daughter picks tomatoes in her garden. (Photo: FB Nguyen Da Thao)

“It’s lucky to have a small garden to take care of, and every day to be greeted by fruits with a smile… This season, I just want to hang around here and don’t go anywhere,” said MC Quyen Linh’s wife.

MC Quyen Linh’s wife reveals the secret to taking care of roses at home

MC Quyen Linh’s beautiful house with a fairy-like rose garden is meticulously cared for by his wife. The “powerful woman” of MC Quyen Linh said that most of the rose plants at home are infrared varieties. “The selection of varieties is a very important factor because infrared varieties are very diverse. Therefore, the advice given is that people need to choose a reputable and professional seller for advice on plant varieties suitable for the region, climate and my garden,” said MC Quyen Linh’s wife.

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MC Quyen Linh’s wife revealed the secret of taking care of roses at home. (Photo: FB Nguyen Da Thao)

Ms. Da Thao is also not afraid to share her secret with someone who has the same passion for growing and caring for roses: “Rose roses only thrive when planted in a well-ventilated, sunny place (lasts at least 4 hours for a certain period of time). However, the terrace is the place that receives the most sun, rain and wind.To overcome, during heavy rains or prolonged heat, I use a plastic sheet to cover the pot. On the other hand, in order to keep the flowers fresh longer and slower to fade, she made a fixed awning (still ensuring the ventilation and light for the plants), which plants are blooming, put them on the porch, when the flowers fade, they will change again. go out.

If you don’t have plastic sheets and awnings, you can make a trellis net. Do not cover with straw on the surface of the pot, because this is one of the conditions for earthworms to multiply and develop. They feed on the young roots of the persimmon tree, weakening the plant, possibly leading to its death.

About choosing pots, I prefer plastic pots because they are light; you can pull the pot yourself, repot… In addition, choose the right size pot for the root and canopy; The pot has enough drainage holes to limit the phenomenon of being flooded.

MC Quyen Linh's beautiful house and his beautiful wife own a

The beautiful beauty of MC Quyen Linh’s daughter when posing with roses in her garden. (Photo: FB Nguyen Da Thao)

MC Quyen Linh’s wife also revealed that she often plants trees in the cool of the afternoon. And before planting, she will prune all flowers or buds (if any) to focus on nourishing the tree. Because, trees can lose strength due to transportation and changes in habitat.

“Prepare pots and soil for planting. Fill the pot with a layer of soil. Next, gently when removing the pot, avoid breaking the potting soil, breaking the roots. Put the pot in the middle of the pot, then add more soil. (fill around the plant), use your hands to press the soil so that the root is not loose. The layer of soil after being put in should be about 10cm lower than the mouth of the pot (to prevent the soil from spilling out when watering). stabilize trees; tie stems and branches to sticks to help the tree stand upright and limit its root shaking when encountering the wind.

When planting is complete, water enough to keep the soil evenly moist (water slowly until you see water running out of the bottom of the pot). Put the pot in a cool place for 1-5 days; water sparingly during this time; then bring it to the sun and increase the amount of water for irrigation,” said Ms. Da Thao.

MC Quyen Linh wants the children to enjoy the feeling of the countryside. (Photo: FB Nguyen Da Thao)

“Watering depends on the actual condition of the tree. Big trees, small trees, healthy plants, diseased plants, sunny weather, rainy weather, different varieties… need different water regimes. Lack of or excess water. Water affects the growth and development of plants,” said Mrs. MC Quyen Linh.

Clip MC Quyen Linh hand-picked lettuce grown at home. (Clip source: FBNV)

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