The career of the cast of Descendants of the Sun after 6 years

Currently, actors like Song Joong Ki, Song Hye Kyo, Kim Ji Won, Jin Woo have had successes and failures in their careers.

1. Song Joong Ki

Taking on the main role Yoo Shi Jin of the hit movie, Song Joong Ki made a strong impression by the image of a handsome, talented and cool soldier.

The audience went crazy for him. After the movie, Song Joong Ki has affirmed his foothold in the entertainment industry and gained a strong fan base.

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After 6 years since Descendants of the Sun On air, Song Joong Ki still retains his form, becoming one of the highest paid actors in the Korean entertainment industry.

The two dramas are Arthdal ​​Chronicles and Vincenzo all attract attention. Especially Vincenzo continues to be a huge success of Song Joong Ki. The film received love thanks to its attractive and interesting content, the highest rating was up to 14.6%.

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Besides, two movies of the actor born in 1985 also resonated with great popularity Hell Island and Space Sweepers.

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2. Song Hye Kyo

Song Joong Ki’s ex-wife is Song Hye Kyo is still the hottest name in the Korean entertainment industry, but her works are after Descendants of the Sun Both were unsuccessful and controversial.

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If the role of Kang Mo Yeon brought a lot of love, then Song Hye Kyo’s later roles were all one color and did not make an impression. The actress was constantly criticized for her acting without many breakthroughs.

The two movies are Encounter that Song Hye Kyo collaborated with Park Bo Gum and Now We Are Breaking Up co-starring with Jang Ki Yong despite great expectations, they were disappointing and failed to achieve success.

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However, according to many sources, Song Hye Kyo and Jun Ji Hyun have become the two highest-paid actresses in Korea and are still the face of big brands.

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3. Jin Woo

Jin Woo used to be a little-known name but thanks Descendants of the Sun has attracted much attention and attention. His strength when fighting but becoming shy and timid in front of love has left many impressions.

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However, it is a pity that after this film, Jin Goo “slows” quite a lot in his career with unsuccessful works and gradually loses the attention of the audience.

The recent comeback drama is A Superior Day did not leave much of an impression and the rating only reached 1%.

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4. Kim Ji Won

Movie Descendants of the Sun Also a great springboard to help Kim Ji-won become a beloved star. Beautiful appearance and good acting have helped Kim Ji Won receive many compliments.

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The actress’s later works were quite successful like Struggled Youth, Arthdal ​​Chronicles, Urban Love. Kim Ji Won is currently back with the drama My Liberation Diary and continue to create a new craze.

The cast of

This drama is receiving a lot of praise for its profound and realistic content, and Kim Ji Won’s acting and appearance continue to score strong points in the hearts of the audience.

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