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The center of prosperity in the future ‘global city’ in Ho Chi Minh City

Attending the event introducing the Soho townhouse subdivision of The Global City project, guests felt as if they were lost in a high-class food and business district with flower shops, cafes, Asian-style food shops. – Europe or fashion shops and massage, relax…

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Overview of the event with the participation of more than 600 customers and partners directly discovering and feeling the excitement in the future of the “global city”

Different from open market events, Masterise Homes chooses a different approach when bringing the atmosphere of bustling “downtowns” to the event through a “miniature commercial district”. . According to Masterise Homes, this experience simulates the bustling and vibrant space in the future of The Global City urban project. The place will become the new “downtown” area of ​​Ho Chi Minh City and the bustling shopping business of the Soho townhouse subdivision is the focus.

Regarding the concept of the city center (downtown), there is a famous saying: “We always aim for a comfortable life – downtown is the cradle of perfect comfort”. Downtowns in major cities around the world have long become symbols of urban prosperity and vitality. It is not only an ideal place to live, but also a destination that attracts tourists from many places to come to play, entertain, shop, eat, etc., becoming a potential space for business activities. , trade of brands, brands. In Ho Chi Minh City, the current downtown area is Nguyen Hue – Le Loi. The Global City project is ambitious to become the second “downtown” of the city, with methodical planning, international standard design and modern technology application of a global city.

Mr. Gibran Bukhari – Sales Manager of Masterise Homes said at the event: “Ho Chi Minh City is increasingly crowded and growing, it’s time to appear a second downtown to meet the increasing entertainment demand. high of people every weekend and holiday. If today the Nguyen Hue – Le Loi area is the choice of many people when having fun and shopping in Ho Chi Minh City, the future will be The Global City. Today’s event brings a small corner of the excitement and bustle of this urban area in the future, helping objectively better visualize the great commercial business potential of Soho townhouse products.” .

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Mr. Gibran Bukhari – Business Unit Manager of Masterise Homes spoke at the event

Appreciating the project’s potential thanks to its central location with limited quantity, Mr. Quoc Huy (District 4, Ho Chi Minh City) targeted 2 shophouses in the launch of the Soho subdivision. He shared: “I have been waiting for this project to launch for a long time and today was very impressive with the participation of many brands and brands at the event. This helps me and many others better visualize the commercial potential of the townhouse being launched. I believe that The Global City will become a bustling urban area in Ho Chi Minh City. Thu Duc in the future”.

ben trong sanh su kien duoc thiet ke mo phong mot downtown city trong tuong lai tai du an the global city voi quan cafe cac cua 31bfdab689584bfdb0d4ad53d290a2d4
The inside of the event hall is designed to simulate a “downtown city” in the future at The Global City project, with cafes, Asian-European style restaurants, fashion shops, massage shops.

The project has a large scale with a total area of ​​117.4 hectares and many subdivisions; is planned to be opened for sale in several phases in the near future. Located in An Phu Ward, City. Thu Duc, HCMC, The Global City project is expected to be completed in 48 months.

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