The opening ceremony of the 31st SEA Games: Shining traditional and modern beauty

Opening ceremony of the 31st SEA Games: Shining traditional and modern beauty - Photo 1.

The actors worked hard on the practice floor – Photo: BTC

Along with the participation of artists and actors, the opening ceremony of the 31st SEA Games also promises many impressions thanks to modern technology.

Promoting the power of Vietnamese culture

Acting as an advisor on the history and culture of the opening and closing ceremonies of the 31st SEA Games, the President of the Vietnam Association of Historical Sciences, Assoc. The staging team has very specificly defined the program’s goals and objectives.As the host, Vietnam needs to introduce to the people of the ASEAN community and the world its stature and culture. culture and traditions of Vietnamese people, and at the same time must convey the message of SEA Games 31 “For a stronger Southeast Asia”.

The opening ceremony of the 31st SEA Games has 3 chapters, the name clearly shows the staging intention of the creative team. Chapter I is Friendly Vietnam It is clear that Vietnam is a country with its own culture and identity, and at the same time is a friendly country with all countries in the world. Chapter II is Strong Southeast Asia demonstrating the strength of the ASEAN community when linking will create a position on the world map. Chapter III is Southeast Asia shines demonstrating the strength of solidarity and friendship between Vietnam and ASEAN countries, working together to unite, build a strong ASEAN community, and promote ASEAN’s role in the international arena”. According to a Vietnamese history student, he has great confidence in the program’s general director, Meritorious Artist Tran Ly Ly, and his crew. I believe that the opening and closing ceremony of the 31st SEA Games will definitely create impressive performances and make a strong impression on domestic and international audiences,” said Mr. Tran Duc Cuong.

Currently, more than 1,000 actors and art students are divided into 2 groups by two leading People’s Artists in dance Kieu Le and Hong Phong. Each group has 15 other choreographers who practice closely in odd groups. Along with that are artist Nguyen Hong Vinh who specializes in drawing and mapping and stage director Hoang Minh Cuong, who has performed many shows with modern technology elements. Besides, there are dozens of people participating in the design, engineering, sound, lighting, mapping, drawing, group making costume props.

People’s Artist Hong Phong’s group has about 250 people practicing the bamboo dance. Group leader, choreographer Pham Thanh Tung said: “We are practicing dances to illustrate the songs in the program. The first performance with the image of Vietnamese bamboo trees will be combined with the song. Hello Vietnam. Bamboo tree with the symbol of strong vitality, solidarity, sustainability, toughness, indomitable Vietnamese people. Or the lotus dance, a symbol of purity, innocence, tolerance, in the spirit of sports like the common spirit of the Vietnamese people. Those are the images we want to introduce in a general way about the Vietnamese people.” Under the sweltering sun, hundreds of people worked hard holding bamboo poles 3-4 m long to follow the orders of the group leader. Artist Linh Nga will solo dance the lotus and violinist Bui Cong Duy and artist Lieu Giang will show their talent in the song. Road to Vietnam with the image of ao dai and conical hat, showing a friendly and moving Vietnam…

The opening ceremony of the 31st SEA Games: Shining traditional and modern beauty - Photo 2.

It will be a demonstration of modern technology

The stage director at the opening ceremony of the 31st SEA Games Hoang Cong Cuong said: “We take advantage of the power of graphic image projection technology (Mapping), augmented reality technology (Augmented Reality – AR), Extended Reality (EX) technology…, are the latest and most modern technologies to perform displays of cultural identity of Vietnam in particular and Southeast Asia in general. there is a mapping show with the symbols of 40 sports from different countries represented by Dong Ho paintings on the mapping slide show”.

General director of the opening and closing ceremony of SEA Game 31, Acting Director of Performing Arts Department, Meritorious Artist Tran Ly Ly revealed the author of the theme song of the 31st SEA Game. Let’s Shine (Let’s shine) – musician Huy Tuan is also the music director of the show. The song carries a strong sports solidarity. The rhythm and rhythm of the song is also international and civilized. This song will be performed at the end of the opening ceremony of SEA Game 31 with the performance of many famous divas and divos in the Vietnamese music industry. Must say more, with Let’s Shine We expect it to be an epic performance. Famous artists will perform together with the saola mascot, the symbol of 54 Vietnamese ethnic groups, representing 11 Southeast Asian countries, 110 dancers and 250 athletes participating in the SEA Games. In addition, there are also actors and child dancers. With this ending, the production crew hopes to leave a deep impression in the hearts of international and Vietnamese friends. “Each item in the program is carefully invested by us and creates its own highlights. For example, with Friendly Vietnam then we use the main image of bamboo, rice and the roads going to Vietnam; with Strong Southeast Asia there will be 11 ships from all over the world swimming together to the big sea and the last chapter Southeast Asia shines there will be thousands of actors and athletes performing together. The artistic trick that we use here is to perform on the square, not in small performances …”, Meritorious Artist Tran Ly Ly emphasized.

SEA Games 31 will officially open on the evening of May 12 at My Dinh National Stadium with the participation of representatives of 11 ASEAN countries. The opening ceremony of the SEA Games will have a duration of 120 minutes. Beyond the framework of a sporting event, the opening ceremony of the 31st SEA Games contains many meanings, bringing a friendly and open atmosphere, a unique and colorful art program with the message, Vietnam wants to join hands with friends in the region to overcome all difficulties and challenges to jointly build a united, united and prosperous ASEAN, overcoming all challenges.

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