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The position after that no one expected

Big turning point in life

This woman is Nuu Hu Loc Thi. The family of Nuu Hu Loc visa is actually one of the noble families of the Qing Dynasty, extremely prominent. However, this family clearly separates relationships in each of their families.

As a result, not all families belonging to this clan enjoyed the same glory, and the family of the Nuu Hulu family was among them. Nuu Hu Loc’s father even had to go to street vendors to feed the family.

Although the family condition is not good, the fate of Nuu Hu Loc is quite lucky. The way to change her life started from the day she was chosen to be a classmate of Qian Long’s daughter when she was 10 years old. This daughter of Qian Long is the ten princesses – Gu Luan.

As the maidservant of the daughter of Qian Long, the girl was seen by the king: The position that no one expected later - Photo 1.

Hieu Hoa Due Queen Niu Hu Loc Thi. (Photo: Baidu)

Princess Co Luan was very loved by her father. According to historical records, this famous king of the Qing Dynasty even said that he would pass the throne to the ten princesses if she were a man. From here it can be seen how lucky she was to become a classmate of Princess Co Luan; because from the position of the princess, the Nuu Hu Loc will receive a lot of benefits.

Princess Gu Lun also treated the Nuu Hulu family very well. 2 people treat each other like sisters, not like a master-servant relationship. A few years later, the Qing court organized the recruitment of concubines. Although Niu Hu Loc’s family condition was not good, but because she still belonged to a famous family of the Qing Dynasty, she still had to participate in the selection process.

Achieving unexpected status

This election was also not a concubine for King Qian Long, but a concubine for the king’s son – Prince Vinh Diem (later King Gia Khanh). Among the girls participating in the selection, King Qianlong had a good impression of Niu Hulu, because she was a classmate and good sister of Princess Gu Luan. From here, Qian Long immediately decided to choose Niu Hu Loc Thi as Trac Phuc Tan of Prince Vinh Diem. At that time, she was only 15 years old.

As the maidservant of the daughter of Qian Long, the girl was seen by the king: The position of the future was not expected - Photo 2.

Nuu Hu Loc Thi joined the recruitment when she was 15 years old. Photo: Baidu

After Qian Long abdicated, Prince Vinh Diem ascended the throne (taking the title Gia Khanh), and Niu Hu Loc Thi was also made a concubine. After 1 year, King Gia Khanh ascended the throne, the king’s queen – Hieu Thuc Due Empress died of a serious illness.

At this time, Niu Hu Loc Thi was granted an additional rank of Hoang Quy consort, replacing the empress who had lost management of the harem. It was not until the death of Emperor Qianlong that the current Emperor Gia Khanh officially crowned Niu Hu Loc Thi as the empress of Dai Thanh.

In 1820, King Gia Khanh died suddenly in Ti Tri Son Trang. Because it happened so suddenly, even a successor had not been chosen, so the Qing court at that time was extremely chaotic. As the person with the highest position in the court at that time, the Empress Niu Hu Loc stood out to handle this matter.

It is worth mentioning that the person that Niu Hu Loc Thi nominated for the next emperor was not his own son, but Prince Mien Ninh – the son of the first empress of King Gia Khanh (he was the Dao emperor). Quang later).

As the maidservant of the daughter of Qian Long, the girl was seen by the king: The position of the future was not expected - Photo 3.

Nuu Hu Loc Thi had a full life. (Photo: Baidu)

Life is full of fulfillment

After ascending the throne, Emperor Dao Quang appointed Niu Ho Loc Thi to be Queen Mother Cung Tu. During his time in office, he was also very filial to Niu Hu Loc. Even in the harem, the queen of King Dao Quang also had to consult the empress Dowager Niu Hu Loc. It can only be done with the queen’s consent.

Until 1850, Niu Hu Loc Thi died at the age of 73. After her death, she was crowned Queen Hieu Hoa Due by King Dao Quang. Thus, it can be said that even though she came from a family with bad conditions, Nuu Hu Loc has had an extremely outstanding life. And perhaps no one expected that a young girl of the Qianlong princess would one day become a woman of such high status.

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