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The private area has 3 signs that show too much blood loss on a red light day

Menstruation is a normal phenomenon when women reach reproductive age. They repeat every month, ranging from 28-30 days but the time menstruation Lasts only 3-7 days. The amount of blood lost each cycle usually ranges from 50-80ml, if this amount is too much, it means that the body is having an abnormal reaction.

The private area has these 3 signs, which proves that women are losing too much blood in the

Menstruation is a normal phenomenon, but it can affect your health if you bleed a lot.

Is heavy menstrual bleeding dangerous?

According to experts, the level of danger of this condition depends on how much blood is present. The more bleeding during menstruation, the worse the health, it is necessary to go to the hospital immediately to determine the exact condition of the disease. In general, heavy menstrual flow always has a serious impact on the body.

In the early stages, when this condition is not diagnosed, it will cause severe anemia in women. Initial manifestations are dizziness, pale skin and fatigue all day. Over time, it will make you digestive disorders, weight loss, shortness of breath and other diseases infections due to a weakened immune system. It is important to look out for early signs of heavy menstrual bleeding.

The private area has these 3 signs, which proves that women are losing too much blood in the

Heavy menstrual bleeding is a sign of many underlying diseases.

3 signs that your period is too much

Heavy menstrual bleeding is a common phenomenon, according to statistics, up to one-third of women worldwide suffer from it every month. According to Christine Greves – a gynecologist at Winnie Palmer Hospital, having these 3 signs in your period means that women are suffering from heavy bleeding and need to take the initiative to go to the doctor right away:

– Bleeding too fast

When you have used tampons or tampons for less than an hour and have spilled, it means the amount of menstrual bleeding is too much, affecting reproductive health. If this condition still occurs after a few hours, go to the hospital without delay.

– Menstrual blood clots

Christine shared, if you see a lot of blood clots in the menstrual blood that are the size of a quarter of a finger, it is a sign of menorrhagia. This disease for a long time will create conditions for bacteria to enter the vagina, causing inflammation and affecting the vagina reproductive function after.

– Menstruation never ends

As mentioned, each period is only around for about 3-7 days. If this cycle lasts longer, you are very likely to become anemic because of excessive menstrual bleeding. This is a common sign of irregular periods, or an underlying health problem that requires early treatment.

In addition, heavy menstrual bleeding is also an early sign of some diseases such as uterine fibroids, endometriosis, pelvic inflammatory disease… but the most dangerous is still endometrial cancer. Bleeding for a long time can affect your ability to get pregnant and cause infertility.

What to do when menstruation is heavy?

The first thing to do when seeing heavy menstrual bleeding is to immediately go to the nearest medical center, so that the doctor can promptly examine and advise on treatment. The doctor will have a way to stop the bleeding quickly with medicine or perform some minor surgery. If this is a sign of other diseases, there will be a separate treatment method.

To avoid abnormal cases occurring during menstruation, women should have regular health checkups every 6 months, or cervical cancer screening to detect abnormalities early. This is the best, most accurate way to “see through” the hidden diseases in the body.

The private area has these 3 signs, which proves that women are losing too much blood in the

Get regular check-ups every 6 months to detect abnormalities in the body early.

In addition, women should increase their intake of filtered water to reduce pain caused by dehydration during menstruation. You should also eat more water-rich fruits (watermelon, pear, grapes …) and increase green vegetables to supplement iron to help the body make blood quickly. If possible, add chicken and fish for extra nutrition.

In the days of heavy menstrual bleeding, women need to limit foods high in salt, sugar, etc., along with hot spicy foods, and alcohol to reduce menstrual pain.

According to Insider, Mayoclinic

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