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There is still a situation of loose SIM registration for genuine subscribers

There is still a lax situation in the registration of genuine SIM subscribers - Photo 1.

Illustration. (Photo: Minh Son/Vietnam+)

According to a representative of the Ministry of Information and Communications, to prevent inaccurate subscriber information, this unit has requested telecommunications business organize for customers to register accurate subscriber information. However, in fact, the process of managing subscriber information registration activities at telecommunications service providers, especially authorized telecommunications service providers, is still loose, which leads to many consequences for the parties involved.

For example, on the morning of April 8, a series of mobile subscribers in Hai Phong city suddenly received a loan message from the phone number 0564805xxx. In the text of the message, the person who sent the message claimed to be a leader of the city.

Immediately after receiving the above information, functional units of the Ministry of Information and Communications and the Ministry of Public Security stepped in and verified that the above phone number was registered in the name of a person with an address in Kien Giang, but currently in Ho Chi Minh City. This person confirmed that someone else used his information to register the above subscriber.

“This is a photo of me, but not a portrait, nor a signature. I confirm that I do not use this subscription number,” said the person who was impersonated with personal information.

According to the statistics of the authorities, as of the end of March 2022, there are about 30,000 SIM cards left mobile subscription have incorrect registration information. To solve the above problem, the Ministry of Information and Communications will promote the implementation of many synchronous solutions, focusing on technology solutions.

“We will strengthen the inspection of enterprises’ implementation of registration of subscriber information, processes and storage activities. Along with that, we will also allow network operators to test subscription information registration. new, monitoring by registration via biometrics (KYC),” shared Mr. Nguyen Phong Nha, Deputy Director in charge of the Department of Telecommunication (Ministry of Information and Communications).

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