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Toyota Corolla Cross channel price back

HanoiAfter more than 3 months of abundant supply, selling at full price, giving away accessories, Corolla Cross is now selling 20-30 million dong of accessories to receive the car right away.

Unlike in the past, dealers suggested customers pay more for accessories to have a car delivered right away, now dealers notify customers with cars with pre-installed accessories, old customers order but do not take them. If new customers want to take it, they must accept to pay this extra, issue a full invoice. The accessories are “pre-installed” including glass stickers, floor coverings, dash cams… with a value of 20-30 million dong.

Toyota Corolla Cross in Hanoi.  Photo: Minh Quan

Toyota Corolla Cross in Hanoi. Image: Minh Quan

However, this is not the case at most dealers, some dealers still suggest that customers buy more accessories at the price of 20-30 million VND for accessories. Of the three versions of Corolla Crossall three have a difference in accessories, there are still agents who sign a difference of about 10-15 million.

Since its launch at the end of 2020, customers who buy Toyota’s crossover model constantly have to pay extra for accessories because the supply of imported cars from Thailand is not abundant. In recent months, the supply is more available, so the car no longer has a price channel, even dealers give promotions to customers to push goods.

According to the agent, the price difference returned due to the high demand, but the supply decreased. The past months, every month Corolla Cross sold from 2,500-3,300 cars. Along with that, the cost pressure makes many dealers use the sale of accessories as an additional source of income to maintain business operations. Thus, in the range of products Toyota is selling in Vietnam, there are only Vios and Fortuner There is no price difference with additional accessories.

The rest of the car models are like Raize, Corolla Altis, Camry, Veloz nice Avanza All need to buy additional accessories to have a car for immediate delivery, but the difference will vary by dealer and version.

In the coming time, the dealer predicts that the supply may continue to be affected if the shortage of components or the lack of chips persists. Until then, the price difference is likely to increase even more.


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