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Truong Dai Dich paid a heavy price for loving the former president of Taobao

Page 163 Reportedly model Truong Dai Dich often cleverly shares dating photos with former Taobao president Tuong Pham. Their love affair received a lot of public attention, when both were famous and influential people. Jiang Fan had a wife and two children, but Truong Dai Dich was still determined to be with his lover, so they received a lot of criticism.

According to 163, the price that Truong Dai Dich has to pay for his love affair with businessman Tuong Pham is huge. Her fortune before the scandal was about 900 million yuan (137.3 million USD), after the scandal, her value dropped sharply, only about 250 million yuan (38 million USD).

In April 2021, Ruhnn Holding, a company established by Truong Dai Dich to train models and MCs for online sales, was delisted because the stock price continuously dropped by 72%. After that, this company had to merge with RUNION Holding Limited. Previously, Truong Dai Dich owned 12 companies, but now there are only 9 related companies.

After the scandal of his private life, Truong Dai Dich lived a private life, no longer appearing in front of the media or updating too many pictures about his private life. Due to not appearing much, the reputation of the female model plummeted.

Before losing her reputation, Truong Dai Dich was known as the role model of young, confident, business-minded girls who are sharp in grasping the changes of the times. She was born in 1988, with a slim body, 1.7 m height, she works as a model for e-commerce sites.

Truong Dai Dich is a successful model. According to Forbesshe earns 46 million USD in 2016 thanks to online business. Therefore, Truong Dai Dich was able to Ciweek – Information technology magazine – voted as one of the hottest hot girls in China.

In addition, Truong Dai Dich also established Ruhnn Holding company specializing in managing and training celebrities, turning them into “sales machines”. According to Business Of Womenafter 6 months of establishment, the company earned nearly 20 million USD.

Only 2 years, this company listed on the stock exchange, with a share issuance worth 125 million USD. Truong Dai Dich became the powerful queen in her million-dollar empire, along with the second largest shareholder, holding a 13.5% stake in the company.

In 2019, the magazine Time ranked the Pandemic in the group of 25 most influential people on the Internet with Ariana Grande, Donald Trump, Cardi B, BTS, the British Prince Harry and his wife… Truong Dai Dich became the “e-commerce queen” in Vietnam. China. Every year, she earns nearly 100 million USD sales.

(According to Zing)

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