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Truong Giang in the bank card only has 500 thousand VND

“After a while looking for information, the bank staff bewilderedly informed me: Your card only has 500 thousand left,” – Truong Giang said.

Recently, on the program’s Youtube channel Choose Who This posted a clip of scenes that have not been aired. In it, mainly the scenes of Truong Giang with close colleagues Kha Nhu, Puka exposed his wife Nha Phuong.

Specifically, in a recording, Truong Giang said: “At home, my wife keeps all the money, so I don’t have any. I only give a little change when I go to the show. Even the money in my account is kept by my wife.

Truong Giang withdrew 50 million, the bank staff was bewildered when the card only had 500 thousand-1
Long river.

Once, I went down to a friend’s house I had an urgent job and needed cash while I had no money on me.

I remembered that I had a black bank VIP card, so I rushed to the bank to withdraw money.

The bank staff saw me holding a VIP card and knew that I was a famous artist, so they welcomed me warmly, and asked me to take a photo together. Entering the VIP counter, I told the staff to withdraw 50 million in cash.

The bank employee excitedly entered the information, but he couldn’t find 50 million in the card, he looked at me strangely, like he couldn’t believe what was happening.

After a while looking for information, the bank employee bewilderedly informed me: ‘Your card only has 500 thousand left’.

I was embarrassed with the bank employee, so I went to the car. My brother asked if I had withdrawn the money, I said there was only 500 thousand left in the account. After hearing that, my brother hurriedly urged: ‘Get in the car right away and go, it’s too embarrassing’. In the end, I had to go to my brother’s house to get the money’.”

Truong Giang withdrew 50 million, the bank staff was bewildered when the card only had 500 thousand-2
Kha Nhu.

After hearing the story, Lam Vy Da exclaimed: “God, can’t believe that a VIP card only has 500,000 VND in the account”.

Next, Truong Giang revealed more: “I save my wife’s number in my phone as Terminator because every time she shows up, it destroys everything, from beauty, health to economy, breaking everything.”

Puka heard that and affirmed: “Mr. Truong Giang is the one who is most afraid of his wife among male artists. I witnessed Mr. Truong Giang being afraid of his wife going from home to the studio, afraid to go anywhere. Truong Giang’s face is clearly afraid of his wife.

Every time Nha Phuong was mentioned, Truong Giang’s eyes lit up, he just smiled and didn’t dare to say anything.

Kha Nhu also agreed with Puka and revealed more: “I saw that Truong Giang was afraid of his wife in the way that he was afraid of making his wife sad and upset, so he had to be careful in whatever he did.

Truong Giang withdrew 50 million, the bank staff was bewildered when the card only had 500 thousand-3

If Nha Phuong cried no matter what, Mr. Truong Giang also called me and said: Go out with her so that she won’t be sad.

I also know the story of the days when Truong Giang and Nha Phuong first met each other and took each other out.

Truong Giang asked Nha Phuong if she had bought anything, Nha Phuong said she didn’t buy anything, but ended up taking the two most expensive bags home.

Long river Hearing this, he continued: “Not stopping there, my wife also has a sunny afternoon and a rainy afternoon.

When we first met, we went abroad together, I asked my wife if she wanted to eat, she agreed. After I changed my clothes, I told her to go, but she said: Well, I’m tired, I won’t go anymore.

The one thing I hate most about my wife is that she refuses to spend money. Even though it’s my money, I still think for a long time, go back and forth a few times before I dare to buy the thing I like.”

The stories Truong Giang told about Nha Phuong made many audiences quite interested.

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