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Unique annual duck fashion show in Australia

02/05/2022 16:40 GMT+7

Ducks wear many beautiful and unique costumes at the annual duck fashion week in Sydney, Australia.

Australia is home to many interesting events and something unexpected and unique. One of them is for the annual duck fashion event. The annual event, called ‘Pied Piper Duck Show’, is where ducks strut their own fashion show.

Unique annual duck fashion show in Australia
Unique annual duck fashion show in Australia

An interesting fashion event that takes place every year in Sydney, Australia attracts many visitors and brings ducks to compete.

Dressed in splendid costumes, the “supermodel ducks” walked on the catwalk very professionally, making the audience excited. The ducks are prepared by their owners for many elegant dresses and clothes such as pink, green and yellow,

The annual duck fashion show in Australia. The ducks in very appropriate and unique designs at fashion week in Sydney, Australia will make you extremely surprised.

This annual event is called “Piedpiperduckshow” by a 60-year-old man named Brian Harrington who personally designed and sewed the ducks on his farm. This is a fashion show guaranteed to delight and delight you.

The lovely, one-of-a-kind annual fashion show has been going on for over 30 years. Brian Harrington, an Australian farmer, was the first to organize a duck fashion event. He passed away in 2015, but the event continues to be held every year attracting many attendees.

Unique annual duck fashion show in Australia

Each year, the event is estimated to attract around 900,000 attendees. In the last two years, the event was canceled due to the impact of the epidemic.

The ducks participating in the fashion show will be prepared by their owners for 3 outfits. One day wear, one evening wear and one wedding themed set. In addition to gorgeous clothes and dresses, the ducks are also equipped with other fashion accessories such as mini bags, matching hats…

Unique annual duck fashion show in Australia
Ducks in colorful dresses and hats of the same color look so beautiful

Karolina Zebrowska, a visitor from Poland, who attended this year’s event in Sydney has shared many photos of the duck catwalk on social media. Karolina Zebrowska said that within 24 hours of sharing, the photo of the duck dressed in fashion had attracted more than 83,000 views, thousands of likes and comments. She was really surprised.

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