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Where to invest in the second quarter of 2022?

According to experts economy Vo Tri Thanh, having invested is risky, a little risk or a lot of risk is due to each person’s knowledge and alertness, acumen and even luck. However, if investing in a clear and transparent market, the win will be more certain.

One of the investment channels that still has potential and can be highly profitable is real estate, which is mainly land and houses. Mr. Thanh said that the word of mouth in the investment world real estate “Trading in gold makes a loss, trading in earth makes a profit” has always been reasonable, because this investment channel has the barrier of requiring large capital when entering the market, but its profitability is high and certain. However, at what level of investment, in which area to invest, each investor needs to consider transparency, objectivity, assessment, and find out which areas have projects and which areas are drawn. Virtual projects, inflated prices for profiteering.

Where to invest in the second quarter of 2022?  - first

Many experts said that despite the high price, real estate is still a potential investment channel in the second quarter and the whole of 2022. (Artwork)

Economic expert Vo Tri Thanh said that, in theory, the population is increasing, while the land fund is limited, the projects are not deployed regularly, people have a stable demand for accommodation. Wherever urbanization goes, land prices will rise. Therefore, even if the land price is feverish or high, investors and businesses still continue to pour money into real estate.

Thanh analyzed, looking back in 2021, while the epidemic makes the resort real estate segment, retail space, and office space for rent difficult, according to statistics, house prices will still increase on average 5-9 %, industrial zones increased by 5 – 18%. In addition, land plots and warehouses are still active in transactions. On average, the profitability of the real estate channel in 2021 is about 12%.

“The year 2022 is the first year of disbursement of the economic stimulus package of VND 350,000 billion, of which the infrastructure investment package accounts for a large proportion. Along with the real estate re-valuation process, the local authorities prevent conversions. Land use purposes, not to subdivide or separate agricultural land, and at the same time tighten credit loans for real estate, making investors more sustainable and have economic potential to invest in a methodical way. Therefore, the land price is expected to increase and give high profits”, Mr. Thanh said.

Stock is still open

Meanwhile, according to economic expert Dinh Trong Thinh, from the end of 2021 up to now, the domestic and international investment markets have been constantly fluctuating by geopolitics, epidemics and other factors. That includes stocks, gold and real estate.

Thinh analyzed that in 2021, despite the heavy impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, VN-Index of the Vietnam stock market still growing strongly among the 7 fastest growing stock markets in the world. In the region, Vietnamese securities ranked the highest in terms of profitability.

In 2022, the domestic stock market had many fluctuations, when the authorities prosecuted and arrested a number of business leaders involved in manipulating the stock market, which made many stocks in the stock market become unstable. The trading floor was constantly in red, making many investors bewildered.

However, according to Mr. Thinh, the prosecution is a personal matter, affecting only a few stocks, causing minor disturbances, at a certain time, but not affecting the stock market in the long run. long. Moreover, this also contributes to making the market more transparent, clean and positive, creating more confidence with investors than before. Therefore, this must be taken as a positive signal.

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Many experts are optimistic about the stock market. (Illustration)

Mr. Thinh said that in 2022, capital will be “forged” to flow into production and business, but with the growth of the market, especially the number of new investors (FOs) who have just opened 1.5 million accounts stocks in 2021, the stock party will last.

Through analysis reports of securities companies, the VN-Index at the end of 2022 will reach a score of 1,600-1,898 points. Among the most cautious group, Securities Company Bank for Foreign Trade of Vietnam forecasts VN-Index will reach 1,600 points. Meanwhile, Mirae Asset Securities believes that the index will reach 1,700 points, and SSI Securities and VnDirect give the same number of 1,750 points. Ho Chi Minh City Securities Company (HSC) and Yuanta Securities Company are more optimistic when forecasting that the VN-Index may reach 1,800 points and 1,989 points.

Mr. Nguyen The Minh, Analysis Director of Retail Banking, Yuanta Securities Vietnam said that twice, Yuanta correctly forecasted the VN-Index in 2017 (1,100 points) and 2021 (1,500 points). ) although many people previously thought that there was no basis.

“If in 2022, VN-Index reaches 1,700 – 1,800 points, it means that investors will increase their assets from stocks by 20% or more. In the most ideal scenario, if this index reaches 1,898 points, investors can profit in 12 months of 29%. Therefore, investing in securities is still a bright spot.” Mr. Minh said.

Along with that, experts say that gold is not an attractive investment channel but just a safe and habitual investment channel.

Mr. Vo Tri Thanh recommends: “Gold is currently overpriced and has unpredictable fluctuations, depending on the world market, affected by the armed conflict between Russia and Ukraine. If investing in gold, the profit is difficult to reach 7-10%/year. Therefore, investors should not pour all their money into buying gold, but should only use 1/5 of the money to invest in the style of “putting eggs in many baskets”.“.

If investors want to be safe, they should think of another channel as savings, because from the end of March until now, many banks have increased deposit interest rates. Accordingly, Techcombank is leading with 7.8%/year. Following is Saigon Bank with 7.6%/year, Nam A Bank 7.4%/year. ACB, MSB or VietCapitalBank also have the highest interest rates from 7%-7.1%/year…

“The deposit interest rate of banks, although not as profitable as investors’ expectations, is especially safe without having to worry about it.” Mr. Thanh said.

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