Why does Dragon Hill resort only accept ‘luxury’ guests?

In the past three days of public holidays, many tourists have reported that riding motorbikes inside the Dragon Hill Tourist Area, in Do Son District, Hai Phong City but was forced to turn around, only those traveling by car were allowed. in.

The above incident caused public outrage because they thought that this resort discriminated against and “rejected” people with little money.

xe may bi nhom bao ve cua kdl chan dau yeu cau khong duoc vao ben trong 45b2349d42e042c4aee5b3586cafb402
The motorbike was stopped by the KDL’s security group and asked not to go inside

Mr. Nguyen Van Thang, residing in Ngo Quyen district, Hai Phong city said: On the afternoon of April 30, I took my wife and children down to Dragon Hill to swim in the sea. This is the first vacation to see them advertise this resort is very beautiful and clean, so my grandchildren eagerly asked to go. At the end of the afternoon, when I took a motorbike to carry my wife and children to the beach, I was stopped. At that time, many motorbike riders like me were also not allowed to enter.

However, when a car arrives, the security force does not stop it, even regulates it to move more easily.”

khong chi co bao ve mot so doi tuong duoc cho la nhan vien kdl nhung khong mac dong phuc cung tham gia chankhach di xe may 03a37ab7346949d7b0142baec0a96544
Not only security guards, some people who are believed to be KDL staff but don’t wear uniforms also participate in blocking

Talking to PV VietNamNet tonight (May 2), a representative of Doi Rong KDL confirmed that the KDL could not accept motorcyclists in the past afternoons.

However, this does not mean that the unit discriminates between motorcyclists and car passengers. “On the nights of April 30 and May 1, the District People’s Committee borrowed points to organize events, so it is up to the district to decide who to let in, businesses are not known. The remaining time is due to overload, motorbikes are out of space, so they cannot receive more”, the representative said.

When asked why the KDL is overloaded, but it does not limit customers to cars, but only refuses to motorcyclists?

chi co khach di o to la duoc uu tien vao ben trong bat luan khung gio nao 3c7499ef12a34105805daf6ffffa16b0
Only customers traveling by car are “priority” inside at any time

The representative explained: “Cars can be parked along the road. But if motorbikes are stolen on both sides of the road, who is responsible? The parking lot in the unit is arranged but it is already overloaded. Every day around 6 pm, we ask guests to go ashore, not to swim anymore. At that range, people just got down on motorbikes, even if they let them in, they would all be ‘pushed’ up …”.

Answering this problem, a leader of Do Son District People’s Committee explained: “If you don’t accept motorbikes, there are only moments when KDL is overloaded, the rest is normal. They don’t collect any money from the people for any services that are forbidden to do.”

Nguyen Thu Hang

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