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7 well-thought-out villains in shonen anime history (P.2)

Mangakas try very hard to build villains, but that effort doesn’t always pay off. Many of today’s most popular shonen anime series are still criticized for having good villains in concept but badly built and almost do not play much role in the series.

3. Kyogai – Kimetsu no Yaiba

Kyogai is the main antagonist in the Tsuzumi Mansion arc. He used to be a member of the Twelve Moon Demons and the Lower Profound Continent. Although Kyogai was stronger than normal demons, Muzan believed that he was not qualified to take the position of the lower occult, so the demon lord expelled him and asked Kizuki.

7 villains with good ideas but badly built in shonen anime history (P.2) - Photo 1.

Kyogai possesses impressive abilities and shapes with drums growing on his body and limbs. Compared to Rui, Kyogai should have been stronger than he showed in the movie. That makes readers feel sorry for this character when he is not meticulously cared for and the battle between him and Tanjiro happened too quickly.

When it first appeared, Kyogai made the audience curious because of its unique fighting style and weapons. Besides, the main characters are all in his mansion or territory, where he can fully exert his power. Thought Kyogai would have a fierce battle with the group of demon hunters, but in the end he was easily defeated by Tanjiro and his friends.

2. Sweyn Forkbeard – Vinland Saga

7 villains with good ideas but badly built in shonen anime history (P.2) - Photo 2.

Sweyn’s debut looks promising as both the visuals and the lines exude danger. However, this character did not even have a chance to show his ability. This is also a pity for many viewers watching Vinland Saga.

Sweyn is the father of Prince Canute. He was seen as a cunning and ruthless man who ruled over much of England and Wales. As an authority figure, Sweyn was expected by the audience to be the strongest villain of the story for a long time, but Askelandd soon ended Sweyn’s role. This villain doesn’t seem to have had a chance to show his true abilities yet. So he’s the worst-built character in the series.

1. Fritz – Attack on Titan

7 villains with good ideas but badly built in shonen anime history (P.2) - Photo 3.

Fritz was built as a key figure in the plan to create a puppet king of the nobility in order to facilitate the hiding of secrets related to the Elidians. However, Fritz becomes more and more disoriented, he doesn’t know what to do with the power in his hand and ends up being overthrown in an extremely blurred way, leaving many regrets for viewers.

Fritz is known as the Puppet King. He was put on the throne to replace Rod Reiss. At first, he appears to be a fearsome man, a menacing adversary to Eren’s group. But as the story progresses, it becomes clear that Fritz has no direction on what he should do on the throne and is used by the other nobles to keep the Eldians a secret forever. Fritz was overthrown when the army revolted and took over the rule.

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