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Apple criticized after report “protecting the Earth by removing iPhone charger”

“No longer the charger that comes with the iPhone is a bold change of Apple and a necessary move for our planet,” the iPhone maker wrote in its environmental report 2022.

The report claims they have saved 550,000 tons of copper, tin and zinc ores since implementing the new policy with iPhone 12. Apple has no longer included chargers and headphones in iPhone cases since 2020. Inside the box is currently only the phone, the cable and the manual. However, the price of iPhone 12 has not decreased compared to previous “generations”.

Apple was criticized after the report

The iPhone is currently sold without a charger and headphones included. Illustration.

“Smaller cases also help increase the number of iPhones on each shelf, thereby reducing shipping volume, equivalent to reducing 2 million tons of carbon emissions into the environment. In addition, the company’s complete removal of the box wrap film. Containers also help reduce about 600 tons of plastic,” – Apple’s report emphasizes.

The above report of Apple has been criticized by many people, according to Gizchina. “Actually, users still have to buy an extra charger after buying an iPhone. They say it’s as if an iPhone can still be used without a charger,” – one commenter.

By removing the included charger and headphones, Apple has reduced the cost of each iPhone sold by about $35. From the end of 2020 to the beginning of 2022, the company sold about 190 million iPhones, saving about 6.5 billion USD – according to the calculation of the British newspaper. Daily Mail.

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